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Walls Tumble and Crumble

They let us think we have a democracy here. They let us think that because the Iraqis have purple stains on their fingers that they are building their own democracy. They can demonize Putin, the Chinese, the Saudis for the suppression of their people and their press, but governments choose their friends and enemies based on economics. Cheap labor and oil—those are your rulers.

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Nanny Goat Gruff and the Internet Trolls

Once upon a time, there was a nanny goat who lived to wander from field to field, tasting the grass and bushes as she went. It was a simple life: wander, taste, chew, wander again. Sunshine and air and a million flavors were her world.

The only problem was that the most complex, interesting flavors were to be found in isolated meadows, only accessible by bridge. And where there were bridges, there were trolls.

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A Bigger Gamble Than Ever

I get the appeal. I really do. Voluntary revenue for the state, in a world where “tax” has become an epithet meaning “sodomy,” is about as sexy as it gets, especially when the word makes our governor blink slowly and say, “But I made a promise.”
The problem is that gambling isn’t free–and all the calculations of how long it would take to pay off start-up costs and bring in revenue are more than a year old. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but what a year it’s been.

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Abducted by Aliens…and Dropped Off at the Grand Canyon

I think the people at Answers in Genesis were also abducted by aliens and replaced with aliens-in-training who have returned to Earth to do some kind of experiment on us, specifically, on how humans reason and come to believe things. At least, that’s the best explanation I have for the crap they put on that site.

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Wil Wheaton on Where We Go From Here

It’s a great time but not an easy one. We really have to mean it when we say that we want to work on improving the country. We have to guard against irrational exuberance over the election of Barack Obama. He won’t be able to wave a magic wand; it’s going to be tough, and there will have to be some compromises made and some deals “across the aisles.” We won, but we can’t afford to demonize the side that lost this year. Some are all ready counting on Obama to fail, and we can’t afford to allow further division.

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