She Sings the Carnival Blue

At  The Oyster’s Garter

Miriam does a carnival in verse for the Carnival of the Blue #21:

Carnival of the Blue

Carnival of the Blue

O muse! Tell me of the many wonders
Cradled in this sea-tossed carnival.
Of sharks and squirts and of the cuttlefish
Impaled upon the dolphin’s beak.
And death spreading ever outward
From too much carbon in the sky.

This is a cool carnival for the stories that are included, including one, natch, by me!

We also have a primer on ocean acidification, kudos to George W. for declaring a marine reserve, a plea to boycott shark fin soup so the balance of predation is restored, the flooding of Palau, and more!

Check out this Carnival, here.

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