What Do We Want?

I’ve had a number of people ask what we’re looking for at Quiche Moraine from our guest writers. Since I’m fundamentally lazy (lazy + ambitious = efficient, or so I keep telling myself), I thought I’d post the answers I’ve been giving here.

We’re looking for stories and arguments, really, points of view. We want to know what only you can or will tell us. We want to know why your life is just like and so different from anyone else’s. We want to know why that bill must pass or must never be allowed to pass. We want to know, not just what show you’re putting on, but why—why this cast, this set of prints, these authors, this location.

We want to know why you feel called to do what you do. We want to know what little piece of history you know about that we don’t, and we want to know why you saw it through different eyes than anyone else did. We want to know who you admire. We want to know about the subject you know more about than anyone in the world, or this corner of it. We want to know what dreams you’ve set aside—at least in public, at least most of the time.

In other words, we want to know what you’d tell us if our blog were your blog, or your other blog. Because in a way, it is.

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