Analiese’s Reading 3/15

Arts and oddities edition: Art inspired by Darwin, new critical habitat license plate designs for Minnesota, Pokemon fetish wear, ruining Watchmen with Photoshop, Earth landmass tangrams, Paul Simon celebrating Stevie Wonder, and Shakira for education.

Darwin’s Wake Splashed Artists, Too

The artist stands in the distance, gazing up at the striated chalk cliffs on the coast of Kent, England. His family is gathering shells in the shallow tidal pools of Pegwell Bay that, with the receding waters, have a look of barren desolation. The sky is an unearthly yellow from the glowering late light of an autumn sun. Above, Donati’s Comet leaves a trail that would not be seen for another two millenniums.

New York Times

DNR unveils new Critical Habitat license plate designs

Minnesota nature lovers will soon have additional ways to support critical habitat in the state by selecting one of four new-design license plates.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety will choose four plates from among eight different image options with a goal of having them available for purchase later in the year.

Minnesota DNR

Call Him Pikachoo Man

For better or worse, inflatable leather fetish goods maker Obsidian Design bring us this: Pikachoo.

The handmade inflatable latex rubber outfit is easy to inflate and deflate — apparently! Obsidian says that it’s easy to breath through the Pikachoo head, and vision is made possible through the character’s mouth.


104 Ways to Hilariously Ruin the Watchmen Movie

We know the Watchmen movie isn’t going to be 100% faithful to the book, and that’s OK. But what sorts of stuff could Zack Snyder have inserted that would have ruined the entire thing?



Flash animation of the arrangement, Tangram style, of Earth’s land masses into 12 animals.

Graflex Directions

Paul Simon – If It’s Magic (Celebrating The Music Of Stevie Wonder)

Pop queen Shakira back to her roots

To travel with multi-million-selling pop star Shakira is to travel behind tinted windows, on private planes and on Shakira time – always at least an hour behind schedule and always stopping for autographs and photos. It involves long waits while she has hair and make-up touch-ups before emerging from cars, planes and buildings.

But at the centre of the superstar entourage is a young Colombian who is disarmingly friendly and passionately eloquent about education.

BBC News

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