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Politics at home and around the world: Martial law could be an improvement in Ciudad Juarez, 3,000 families homeless in Gaza, the UN Secretary-General’s remarks on International Women’s Day, the impact of conflict on women, Iraq’s pariah widows, a foundation to help women with restraining orders, an interactive graphic on the gender wage gap, Bush to appear before the International Criminal Court?, bogus voter fraud claims, who is behind the campaign against Obama’s health care plan, and a partial list of the AIG counter-parties.

Mexico troops move in to retake warring border city

Hundreds of heavily armed soldiers fanned out across Mexico’s bloodiest drug war city on Tuesday, trying to prevent a collapse in law and order just south of the U.S. border.

Sirens blared as the army staged one of its biggest troop build-ups in years in Ciudad Juarez, a desert city across the border from El Paso, Texas, where near-daily clashes between drug gangs and police have terrified residents.


Homeless in Gaza

With nearly 3,000 families homeless, rented accommodation is scarce in Gaza – Mr Atamna’s pregnant wife and seven children are now staying with relatives, while he sleeps in a corrugated metal shack next to his ruined house.

The Israeli military says it destroyed buildings because of “substantial operational needs”, for example because of booby traps or militants in them, but Amnesty International says “wanton destruction” occurred, in violation of international law.

BBC News

Secretary-General’s remarks on International Women’s Day

One year ago, I launched a campaign calling on people and governments the world over to unite to end violence against women and girls.

We called it “Unite to End Violence against Women”. And unite we must.

United Nations

Women and Conflict

Women experience the brunt of the world’s poverty, with serious implications for their health and livelihoods. They also suffer disproportionately during crises – whether earthquakes, floods, wars or famines.

Reuters AlertNet

The shame of Iraq’s pariah widows

Her husband and three brothers were killed. Her parents were already dead. Her house was burnt down. She was pregnant at the time and lost the baby.

But, in the months that followed, Nadia Hussein had to endure much more.

BBC News

New Foundation to aid women with restraining orders

I just learned about the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation, created to aid women with restraining orders and prevent domestic violence. The foundation is named for Tiana Angelique (and created by her family), a 25 year old graduate student in CT, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on Feb. 14. It was the last time he violated her restraining order against him.


Why Is Her Paycheck Smaller?

Nearly every occupation has the gap — the seemingly unbridgeable chasm between the size of the paycheck brought home by a woman and the larger one earned by a man doing the same job. Economists cite a few reasons: discrimination as well as personal choices within occupations are two major factors, and part of the gap can be attributed to men having more years of experience and logging more hours.

New York Times

Ex-UN prosecutor: Bush may be next up for International Criminal Court

An ex-UN prosecutor has said that following the issuance of an arrest warrant for the president of Sudan, former US President George W. Bush could — and should — be next on the International Criminal Court’s list.

The Raw Story

Schloz-Backed Voter Fraud Lawsuit Bites The Dust

Another nail in the coffin for those bogus GOP claims of voter fraud…

Remember how Todd Graves was fired as US Attorney for the western district of Missouri, after he wouldn’t go along with a Bradley Schlozman-backed effort to sue Democratic state officials for failing to purge ineligible voters from the rolls, alleging that this failure could open the door to rampant voter fraud? The Bushies then moved Schlozman himself into Graves’ position as US Attorney so that he could push the case personally.

TPM Muckraker

Campaign Against Obama Health Plan Run By Notorious Conservative PR Firm

A new group called Conservatives for Patients Rights (CPR) is about to launch the opening salvo in the fight to sink President Obama’s health care plan.

CPR is running TV, radio, and web ads that attempt to stoke irrational fears of “a central national board” in charge of medical decision-making, asking Americans to envision a world where “bureaucrats decide the treatments you receive, the drugs you take, even the doctors you see.” Of course, that vision has nothing to do with the president’s health care plan, but the truth shouldn’t be an impediment to CPR’s dream of killing health care reform.

Talking Points Memo

Who Are The AIG Counterparties? Here Are Some…

Over at TPM, Josh has been doggedly highlighting the refusal of both AIG and the federal government to reveal the identity of AIG’s counter-parties in its disastrous credit default swaps. And several lawmakers have in recent days pressed Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke on the issue.

TPM Muckraker

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