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Franken/Coleman recount updates, what happened to the General Motors pension funds, 10 reasons why conservatives’ fiscal ideas are dangerous, and the last stronghold of free-market economics: academia?

Franken Lawyers To Court: Throwing Out The Election Is Not A Legal Option

The Franken legal team has written a letter to the judges in the election case, sharply rebutting the Coleman camp’s new idea to nullify the whole election.

The letter mainly rebuts the Coleman camp’s call to retroactively un-count a number of absentee ballots on a geographically-targeted basis. Team Franken argue that the binding case law says this is not a viable option, and that the court is not allowed to calculate that any illegal ballots favored one candidate over another — that would be relieving Coleman of his responsibilities under the burden of proof.

Talking Points Memo

Court rejects Franken petition for election certificate

Minnesota’s Supreme Court on Friday blocked Democrat Al Franken’s petition for an election certificate that would put him in the U.S. Senate without waiting for a lawsuit to run its course.

The decision means Minnesota’s second Senate seat will remain empty until the lawsuit and possible appeals in state court are complete. Republican Norm Coleman’s lawsuit challenging Franken’s recount lead is at the end of its sixth week, and both sides expect it to last at least a few more weeks.


Coleman-Franken trial: Week Six ends in an avalanche of numbers to ponder

Norm Coleman’s chief legal spokesman Ben Ginsberg likes to joke with journalists who are covering the election contest trial. A repeated quip is that when he was hired for this gig, he was told he “wouldn’t have to do any math.”

But Mr. Ginsberg and the others of the math-challenged among us learned six long weeks ago that any hoped-for abdication of numerical knowledge was impossible.


Panic in Detroit, as CEO kleptocrats loot pensions for another few billions


Gee, are you getting the feeling that everybody at the top of the food chain is either a thief, a tool, or a fool? [To be fair, unless proven otherwise] First, we find that GM was looting its pension fund while it was gearing up for a bailout:


10 Reasons Why Conservatives’ Fiscal Ideas Are Dangerous

It would almost be funny if their ideas about spending didn’t lead us into the deepest financial catastrophe in nearly a century.


Ivory Tower Unswayed by Crashing Economy

Yet prominent economics professors say their academic discipline isn’t shifting nearly as much as some people might think. Free market theory, mathematical models and hostility to government regulation still reign in most economics departments at colleges and universities around the country. True, some new approaches have been explored in recent years, particularly by behavioral economists who argue that human psychology is a crucial element in economic decision making. But the belief that people make rational economic decisions and the market automatically adjusts to respond to them still prevails.

New York Times

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