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God and guns edition: Sex, Jerry Falwell style; protesting a dead, possibly gay poet; mocking the storm; Taliban blocks vaccines; Texas blocks science education; is there a fruit-bat sect that isn’t for Sarah Palin; guns in recent multiple-death shootings legal and likely to stay that way; Tea Party threats via Twitter; Texas takes new tack on secession, then asks for federal aid; and Clinton reminds everyone who won the election.

What They Really Teach You About Sex at Jerry Falwell’s ‘Bible Boot Camp’

I thought we’d try something new before class today,” says Nathan, the Evangelism 101 teaching assistant. “A little cheer.”

My roommate Eric turns to me. “God is good. Bet you ten bucks.”

Before I can ask what he means, Nathan sets down his microphone and shouts through cupped hands, “God is good!”


At Whitman, A Protest Over Poet’s Lifestyle

A group of seven congregants from Topeka, Kan., set up outside Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda yesterday to protest the sexual orientation of the poet for whom the school was named.

The police presence — 40 officers, five horses, blocked-off streets and a football field’s length of yellow tape — seemed comically disproportionate until the counter-protest arrived.

Washington Post

A Gaythering Storm

There is a storm being caused by gay marriage and we are all in serious trouble.

Funny or Die

Taliban blocks UN polio treatment in Pakistan

Miliants in northern Pakistan have triggered a medical emergency by refusing to allow health officials to conduct a polio vaccination campaign.

Taliban militants in the former tourist destination of Swat Valley have obstructed officials from vaccinating over 300,000 children.


Science setback for Texas schools

After three all-day meetings and a blizzard of amendments and counter-amendments, the Texas Board of Education cast its final vote Friday on state science standards. The results weren’t pretty.

The board majority amended the Earth and Space Sciences standards as well as the Biology standards (TEKS) with loopholes and language that make it even easier for creationists to attack science textbooks.


Religious Revolt: New Christian Sect Battles Demons, Raises the Dead, Campaigns for Sarah Palin

What is happening to Christianity?

In 1996 a team from Ted Haggard’s New Life Church flew to Mali and began furtively anointing entire towns with cooking oil.


John Ziegler, Palin Activist, Arrested At Katie Couric Award Ceremony

Documentary filmmaker John Ziegler, who’s hard at work fighting Sarah Palin’s last battles for her, appeared On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, whose husband is hard at work fighting Sarah Palin’s future battles, for the glory of Scientology.

Huffington Post

Licensed to kill? Gunmen in killings had permits

They had more in common than unleashing carnage — nearly every gunman in this monthlong series of mass killings was legally entitled to fire his weapons.

So what does that say about the state of gun control laws in this country? One thing appears certain: the regulations aren’t getting stricter. Many recent efforts to change weapons laws have been about easing them.

Talking Points Memo

As multiple-death shootings surge, Congress looks away

Indeed, in recent weeks more than 60 people — including seven police officers — have been killed in multiple-death shootings from coast to coast. It’s just the type of headline-grabbing trend that might usually get congressional lawmakers screaming from the rafters for policy reforms, like banning military-style assault weapons and forcing gun-show vendors to do background checks on prospective buyers. Gun control advocates argue that such steps would help stem the more than 30,000 gun deaths that plague the United States each year.

But that hasn’t been the case. Instead, the reaction from congressional leaders — even the most vocal gun-reform proponents — has been a long, strange silence.

The Minnesota Independent

Tea Party Twitter Arrest: Daniel Hayden Threatened Mass Murder, Cop Killing

Another Twitter post began “START THE KILLING NOW!” Yet another: “Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the[m] on the State Capitol steps,” he wrote in one message.

Huffington Post

Texas Republicans to U.S.: “Cease and desist”

Let’s be clear what this “cease and desist” nonsense is all about: it’s neo-secessionism.

They aren’t outright calling for Texas to secede. Rather, they are claiming that state governments have the right to nullify the laws of the U.S. government.

Daily Kos

Rick Perry, After Raising Secession, Calls For Fed Help With Swine Flu

Less than two weeks after raising the prospect of seceding from the union, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling on the federal government to come to his state’s aid in the midst of the swine flu outbreak.

Huffington Post

Hillary To Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN): “President Obama Won The Election”

During today’s hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Hillary Clinton made something clear to a very critical Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN): President Obama won the 2008 election.

Pence gave a lengthy question in which he criticized Obama for being seen shaking hands with Hugo Chávez, and asked Hillary about the negative effects of this event. In her response, Hillary explained that Obama is taking a different approach than what has been tried in the recent past and didn’t work — and that Obama is the president:

Talking Points Memo

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