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Minnesota edition: A retrospective of the Coleman-Franken election and recount for those who’ve lost track, Fox & Friends spreads misinformation about the recount, the order for delivery of ballots to be appraised and counted, Coleman vows another appeal, analysis of why it’s worth it to Coleman to look like a sore loser, O’Reilly boycotts Minnesota for voting for Franken, the costs of even a successful fight against flooding, and the RNC8 prosecution will test an unused state conspiracy law.

A 16-minute retrospective: Minnesota’s Coleman-Franken election battle just keeps going and going

From the campaign name calling through the current lawsuit, the race and recount have combined to create the longest election process in the state’s history. The UpTake’s Mike McIntee walks us through how we got to this point.


Interviewing Coleman, Fox & Friends repeatedly misinforms on Coleman-Franken race

On the April 3 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade teased an interview with former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) by claiming that Coleman is “not close to giving up, even though some Democrats are vowing to make it impossible for him to win.” During the segment with Coleman, co-host Gretchen Carlson claimed, “[T]he last time I checked, Norm Coleman won the election after election night.” However, while Coleman was ahead in the vote count after election night, he was not certified the winner; his opponent, Al Franken (D), now leads by 225 votes after the results of a recount mandated by state law because of the closeness of the results.

Media Matters

Order for Delivery of Ballots

The Uptake (pdf)

Coleman: ‘We’re gonna push to the Minnesota Supreme Court’

On Fox News Radio today, Norm Coleman vowed, “We’re going to push to the Minnesota Supreme Court.” He clarified his timetable after next week’s expected election-contest trial court ruling: “We’ll file [a petition to the state’s high court] quicker than 10 days.”

Minnesota Independent

Why Norm Coleman continues to fight

Though it looks like Norm Coleman will not prevail before the three-judge panel hearing the Senate election case, the battle is far from over. Coleman’s side took a hit Tuesday when the panel said it would consider counting only up to 400 more votes. Coleman quickly announced plans to appeal. But is Coleman risking looking like a sore loser?


O’Reilly Announces Plan To Boycott Minnesota (Not An April Fool’s Joke*)

So it is tonight I am announcing that until Franken leaves or is asked to leave the US Senate, I will be boycotting Minnesota. The entire state and anything that has the least bit of connection to Minnesota. This means I will not be visiting Minnesota, nor shopping at stores nor using products of any businesses headquartered in Minnesota (including Target, UnitedHealth Group, 3M, General Mills, Best Buy). In addition, I will not be watching any TV shows emanating from or about Minnesota, including Minnesota Timberwolves, Vikings or Twin games. That means, much to my chagrin, I will no longer watch the film Fargo or my beloved Mary Tyler Moore show reruns and from now on be referring to Minnesota Fats as just plain Fats.

Steve Young on Politics

A River Prone to Flooding, and Misunderstanding

The flood surge rose much faster than expected in Fargo, the state’s largest city, then peaked sooner and at a lower level than forecast — to the city’s great relief and gratitude. In the last two days — surprise again — it has gone down more rapidly than foreseen.

But the uncertainty has taken a toll.

NY Times

RNC Eight case wades into murky legal waters of conspiracy theory

In the eyes of law enforcement officials, they were the core of a vast criminal conspiracy that for two years plotted to violently disrupt the Republican National Convention (RNC).

But in the view of their allies in social-justice circles, they were dedicated activists seeking to shine a bright light on war, poverty and other injustices.

Minnesota Independent

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