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Civilians caught in the battle, the humiliation of a lifetime, the most annoying governor of all time, torture investigation, and garbage to green.

White Phosphorus? Concern Over Burns on Afghans Caught in Battle

Afghanistan’s leading human rights organization said Sunday it was investigating the possibility that white phosphorus was used in a U.S.-Taliban battle that killed scores of Afghans. The U.S. military rejected speculation it had used the weapon but left open the possibility Taliban militants did.

White phosphorus can be employed legitimately in battle, but rights groups say its use over populated areas can indiscriminately burn civilians and constitutes a war crime.
Common Dreams

‘The Most Humiliating Experience I Have Ever Had’

Why Is the Supreme Court So Callous About Privacy?
Savana Redding was a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Arizona’s Safford Middle School when she was pulled out of class one day by her school’s vice principal, Kerry Wilson, and told to bring her books with her.

Rumors had been swirling that a group of students were packing prescription ibuprofen pills — “contraband” — and were planning to pass them out at lunch. Redding had been falsely accused of carrying the illicit substance, and Wilson took her into his office for questioning.
Alter Net


Guess who got up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning to try and warn all the people heading out on White Bear Lake at Minnesota’s grand “Fishing Opener” to be on the look-out for this Pirate PawLENTY who’s known to have sworn in pirate blood not to raise taxes on the wealthy, even if it means holding Minnesotans hostage these last six years. We told all the poor Minnesota fishermen who’d listen to be on the lookout for a real hypocritical character in red driving a slick speedboat and who likes to be called “Governor” but who’s doing just the opposite of what pirates used to do when they sailed the high seas: PawLENTY’s been stealing from the poor to give to the wealthy! He must still think his “no new taxes” piracy is the surefire, cutthroat way to the GOP Presidency.
Mn Progressive Project

Hill Panel Reviewing CIA Tactics

When the Justice Department said seven years ago that CIA interrogators at a secret prison in Thailand could make a suspected al-Qaeda leader fear he was drowning, it prescribed precise limits: Water could be poured from a cup or small watering can onto a saturated cloth covering his mouth and nose, inhibiting breathing for up to 40 seconds. It could be repeated, after allowing three or four full breaths, for up to 20 minutes.

But when the technique was employed on Abu Zubaida and later on 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and al-Qaeda planner Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the interrogators in several cases applied what the CIA’s Office of Inspector General described in a secret 2004 report as “large volumes of water” to the cloths, explaining that their aim was to be more “poignant and convincing,” according to a recently declassified Justice Department account.
The Washington Post

Garbage to Green: 10 Landfills Turned into Nature Preserves

Landfills are among the most notorious pieces of real estate in the world. Even a hardcore recycler is still directly or indirectly responsible for creating trash that will find its way to a landfill. It is a side effect of modern human life. But landfills don’t have to remain steaming heaps of smelly rubbish. Take these ten former trash heaps that are now characterized by abundant green and diverse wildlife.
Web Ecoist

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