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Graham Backs Pelosi in CIA water boarding briefing dust-up, investigation of Rove advances, investigation of Coleman advances, and details coming out of the hearings on torture.

Graham: CIA Gave Me False Information About Interrogation Briefings

In testimony that could bolster Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the CIA misled her during briefings on detainee interrogations, former Senator Bob Graham insisted on Thursday that he too was kept in the dark about the use of waterboarding, and called the agency’s records on these briefings “suspect.

Huffington Post

Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings

Former top White House official Karl Rove will be interviewed tomorrow as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into the firing of U.S. attorneys during the Bush administration, according to two sources familiar with the appointment.

The Washington Post

Minnesotan interviewed by FBI agents investigating Kazeminy charges

… the FBI conducted an interview with a person in Minnesota as part of an investigation of so-called “Suitgate” charges leveled against Norm Coleman last summer. HuffPo doesn’t name the person and the FBI won’t confirm or deny.

The interview happened “recently,” Sam Stein reports. The story is the first news of FBI investigations into Coleman’s affairs taking place in Minnesota.

It’s also the first resurfacing in months of allegations that Coleman’s friend and benefactor Nasser Kazeminy bought suits for the former Senator when he was still in office.

Minnesota Independent

Whitehouse Judiciary Committee Hearing Round-up

The first of who knows how many Senate subcommittee hearings on the Bush administration torture regime was held today by Sen. Whitehouse’s Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts, with star witnesses Ali Soufan, the FBI interrogator who actually did get useful intelligence from Abu Zubaydah using legal interrogation procedures, and Philip Zelikow, the former State Department attorney who wrote a memo in opposition to the OLC torture memos. … and so on…

Daily Kos

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