Analiese’s Reading 5/20

Today we begin and end with stories about how the governor of Minnesota intends to end democracy as we know it in this state; notables get JFK award; FBI did, after all, infiltrate Iowa anti-war group, as suspected; Supreme Court to pregnant women: if you want equal benefits, don’t have a uterus; Obama’s new gas emissions guidelines.

Minnesota Legislature: It’s over — No deal

In an act of defiance in the final hour, DFLers passed a revised tax bill that faces a certain veto. Gov. Tim Pawlenty stayed firm in his decision to make $1.2 billion in budget cuts all by himself.

Star Tribune

Sheila Bair, Brooksley Born: JFK Award Recipients For Predicting Crisis

Two U.S. federal regulators who sounded early warnings on the financial crisis and a Liberian peace activist who helped end that nation’s civil war were honored for their efforts Monday at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chairwoman Sheila Bair, former chairwoman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Brooksley Born, and peace activist Leymah Gbowee (LAY’-mah BOH’-wee) were presented with Profile in Courage Awards, annual honors named for a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book written by John F. Kennedy.

Huffington Post

FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention

An FBI informant and an undercover Minnesota sheriff’s deputy spied on political activists in Iowa City last year before the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

Confidential FBI documents obtained by The Des Moines Register show an FBI informant was planted among a group described as an “anarchist collective” that met regularly last year in Iowa City. One of the group’s goals was to organize street blockades to disrupt the Republican convention, held Sept. 1-4, 2008, where U.S. Sen. John McCain was nominated for president.

Des Moines Register

Supreme Court: Pregnancy discrimination A-OK!

Today our nation’s highest court ruled in AT&T v. Hulteen that women who took maternity leave and were discriminated against by AT&T are shit out of luck.

Before the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed, when women took leave from their AT&T jobs to have a baby, those days did not count toward their pensions — even though other types of leave, such as temporary disability, were not removed from the pension equation. So when the women went to retire, they had lower pensions than other employees who had worked there the same number of years, even those who had taken leave for other reasons.


US to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Autos

The Obama administration is expected to announce guidelines Tuesday that will toughen existing federal mileage standards. Automakers have signed off on the plan, sources say.


Primer on unallotment: How it works and why it’s done

Instead of a flurry of negotiations between Gov. Tim Pawlenty and lawmakers, Session 2009 might end without a deal, what with the governor’s announcement last Thursday that there would be no special session and that he would use his powers of unallotment to balance the state’s budget.

“The governor thinks he’s a dictator,” Rep. Tom Rukavina, DFL-Virginia, said at the Capitol Saturday. “He’s like George W. Bush. He’s ‘the decider.’ For him to abuse unallotment is unconscionable, especially for a guy who never got a majority of the vote.”


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One Response to “Analiese’s Reading 5/20”

  1. May 20th, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    a daughter's mother says:

    Hmmm, I thought sure you’d also take note of Pawlenty’s promise to veto the voting reforms passed by the legislature. While they were proposed by non-partisan elections officials (or is that multi-partisan?), not one Republican voted for them. Therefore they must not be fair, according to Timmy. To be sure, if more folks voted, fewer Republicans would hold office these days. I guess nobody in that party thinks it might be because of their policies?

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