Carnival of the Liberals, Number 90

You Leave Me Breathless

Welcome to the 90th edition, continuing the tradition bequeathed to Quiche Moraine by the intrepid Johnny Pez. For those new to Quiche Moraine, this is a collaboration of blogging excellence conceived and maintained in the hopes of inspiring liberals to write about food and stuff. An example of “stuff” intended for publication is the blog carnival. Hmm. Blog carnival. Liberal. What could be a better fit for Quiche Moraine than the Carnival of the Liberals? It’s a go!

Carnival of the Liberals

Carnival of the Liberals

COTL tradition dictates that the carnival host reads the submissions then chooses the best ten posts to include and share with you. I tend to do that with COTL, but add the remaining submissions to the end of the post. I cull the submissions irrelevant to the idea of a COTL (no apologies to those who write a post to get traffic for their “monetizing blogs”), but I do think that if a writer thinks that a post has value enough to submit, it is only right to share.

Torture and waterboarding were heavy on our minds in the liberal blogosphere. For those unfamiliar with the term waterboarding, it’s that peculiar form of torture that the United States considers criminal when practiced by other governments but a minor rite of passage for terrorists when performed by “our guys.” The torturee is restrained to a board, a cloth is placed over their face and water is poured over their nose. The torturee vainly struggles to breathe and fight the feeling that they are drowning. Apparently it is an agonizing sensation, and may you and your loved ones never experience it.

David Gross presents What would Thoreau have said about the torture policy? posted at The Picket Line.

Finding a justification for torture is not easy, but if you happen to be a Republican, we have a handy flowchart for you to follow. Save it in case most of America suffers major head trauma before a future election and returns the conservatives to power. With the flowchart, you’ll know just what to do.

Batocchio presents The Torture Flowchart posted at Vagabond Scholar.

Actually, there is a more sobering examination of the road to torture, and Greta Christina connects the dots. It’s neither cute nor funny.

Greta Christina presents Connecting the Dots: Torture, Iraq, and the Creation of Propaganda posted at Greta Christina’s Blog.

Greta also sent to me a post written by Susie Bright, and it is a heartbreaking story of SERE training and how it affected one of Susie’s first loves.

Susie Bright presents SERE Training Turned My Boyfriend from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde posted at Susie Bright’s Journal.

Let’s turn the page a bit to a historical treatment of Pakistan (see, there are other countries beyond our borders!). Has Pakistan ever been anything other than an Islamic state? We have some dissenting views on the issue.

Joseph presents Pakistan is Already an Islamic State posted at Dissent Magazine.

Russell Blackford’s blog is in my feed reader. When I first read this post, I planned to include it in the Carnival. Not so coincidentally, just as I finished reading the final paragraph, it showed up in my inbox. Read it and see why I was excited to see the submission.

Russell Blackford presents Hate speech and the ICCPR – why we ought to be worried posted at Metamagician and the Hellfire Club.

Heavy stuff, but now it’s time to lighten up. Forget the idea that liberals worship Barack Obama. This NSFW panel (L) of captioned photos has fun with Barack of a 100 Days.

Manila Ryce presents Photos of the First 100 Days posted at The Largest Minority.

Bob Newhart honored Mad Kane’s humor writing (read about it at her blog). She specializes in political limericks. Karl Rove may never recover. Or so I hope.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Karl’s Roving Standards posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Opposite-sex marriage used to be cool and sensible (and a foundation of our society, I think) until those danged gays came along and wanted to change things. It ruined the whole idea of marriage for everyone, including the Saudis.

Doctor Biobrain presents Gay Marriage Strikes Again posted at Doctor Biobrain.

Larry Niven at Rust Belt philosophy was chagrined at reading some self-contradictory statements put out by the NOM. Nom, nom, nom. He chews it up but spits it out.

Larry Niven presents The stupid, it burns posted at Rust Belt Philosophy.

Okay, so what happens when piracy strikes across the waves off the coast of Somalia? The New Republican Party of No finds a way to blame Obama for screwing up the rescue. Never mind that Obama didn’t actually screw up the rescue.

The Richmond Democrat presents PR disaster for the GOP: Republicans bet against the United States and lose posted at The Richmond Democrat.

Speaking of anarchy, we have some anarchists in Minneapolis. At the Black Forest Inn, no less. They try to gang up on Greg Laden. This post is here, at Quiche Moraine.

Greg Laden presents The Black Forest Inn: Anarchists 2; Scientists 1 posted at Quiche Moraine.

A major argument for anarchy is the sinking realization that as much as we like to pretend that we have a democracy, much of our law and policy is bought and paid for by moneyed interests.

Chris Penny presents Fixing Democracy by Revamping Lobbying posted at Yer Not Da Boss O Me.

Teabaggery was so April 15th. The faux grassroots movement kind of died out. “Douchebaggery” is the new black.

Ron Britton presents John Hawkins Takes Conservative Douchebaggery to High Art posted at Bay of Fundie.

I can’t let the topic of  H1N1 pass without some excellent examination of the whole factory farming industry. There may not be a straight line to draw from the way that factory pigs are treated to the spread of H1N1, but the industry is sickening. Read some excellent commentary on the issue, and then go buy some free-range meat, or even vegetables.

Eric Michael Johnson presents Priming the Pump of a Swine Flu Pandemic posted at The Primate Diaries.

How many posts was that? I lost count (sorry, Leo, I broke the rules). Wait! There’s more!

More Blackford!

Russell Blackford presents And speaking of bullshit, try this example from Terry Eagleton posted at Metamagician and the Hellfire Club.

More Laden!

Greg Laden presents How I learned to stop worrying and love the city. Three times. posted at Greg Laden’s Blog.

At Quiche Moraine, I like that there is someone willing to take on the sometimes thankless role of editor. Stephanie Zvan is an excellent writer in her own, um, right. At Almost Diamonds she writes about the thankless task of following Michele Bachmann on Twitter (so we don’t have to!). For more Bachmannalia, Stephanie compiles and edits the monthly Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival right here at this very blog. (We shall overcome.)

The host of the blog also gets to share one of his or her own posts. At Tangled Up in Blue Guy, I had a little something to say about Arlen Specter moving to the Democratic Party. The earth moved? No, not exactly. But that isn’t how Michael Steele puts it in a fundraising letter in Panic! At the RNC.

Had enough? Me too. I need to come up for air and catch my breath. Two weeks from now, Lou Shackleton takes on the Carnival of the Liberals. He claims I shamed him into it. I know better. The man has no shame. Submit your stuff to be featured at Crowded Head, Cozy Bed on May 19th!

Volunteer to host.

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5 Responses to “Carnival of the Liberals, Number 90”

  1. May 7th, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Batocchio says:

    Thanks for the link, and the fine company. Cheers.

  2. May 7th, 2009 at 5:55 am

    Mike Haubrich says:

    Thanks for submitting it.

  3. May 18th, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Doctor Biobrain says:

    Holy shit, I won! I actually didn’t think I did because I failed read the Carnival and don’t get blog stats at that blog, but I just read the Carnival and saw that I made it. Woo! I was feeling unloved until now. Of course, as an American Nihilist, I still feel unloved; but it’s my kind of unloved. And I can deal with that.

  4. May 18th, 2009 at 5:51 am

    Mike Haubrich says:

    If you feel unloved, there is a mint for that.

  5. May 20th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Lou FCD says:

    Number 91 is up at my place, boys and girls. I hope I did half as well as you did, this being my first time hosting a carnival.

    CotL #91, A Little Night Reading. Moderate discretion at places of business recommended.

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