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Probing Tiller Killing; Call for Antiabortion Martyrs; National review is misogynist and racist; Perhaps it is time to trust women.

Justice Department To Probe Tiller Killing

The Justice Department has announced an investigation into whether federal crimes were committed in connection with the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

In a press release, DOJ writes that it will probe whether there were violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act or other federal statutes in the case.

Anti-Gay Marriage Pro-Prop 8 Leader Called For Antiabortion Martyrs

On Sunday May 31, 2009 Kansas City late-term abortion doctor George Tiller was allegedly gunned down in the lobby of his church by a man, Scott Roeder, who had ties to the racist wing of the militia movement. The next morning CBS’s Jeff Glor reported, “We did speak with the accused shooters’ ex-wife yesterday. She said she was not surprised this happened and that she believed Roeder wanted to be a martyr for the cause.” The antiabortion, pro-Christian martyrdom of TheCall founder Lou Engle, whose personal website still features a post attacking Tiller, has up until now received little scrutiny.

At Lou Engle’s November 1, 2008 pro-Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage TheCall San Diego event Engle and his disciples called for acts of Christian martyrdom against legalized abortion. In the early 1980’s, KKK and Aryan Nations strategist Louis Beam helped popularize a tactic known as “leaderless resistance” in which high profile propagandists would incite terrorist acts carried out by autonomous individuals and cell groups. Lou Engle’s inflammatory TheCall antiabortion rhetoric conforms with Beam’s tactic; Engle merely incites.
talk to action

National Review’s Wise Latina Caricature Inexplicably Asian

As part of a cover package called “The Wise Latina,” the folks over at the conservative National Review–apparently flummoxed by the very idea of a “wise Latina”–have caricaturized the Puerto Rican-descended Sonia Sotomayor as an Asian Buddhist.

Good times.
National Review

Never Again: It’s Time to Trust Women

More tragic news today. The Tiller family does not have plans to immediately reopen the Women’s Health Care Services Clinic in the wake of George Tiller’s murder. While I am hopeful that they will re-open the clinic quietly, this leaves two clinics that will provide late-term abortions left in the entire United States. Whether you agree or not with late-term abortion practices, it is important to recognize the dangerous scare tactics that are actively preventing this legal medical operation from being performed for women who may need it. And in the words of Dr. Tiller himself, no matter your opinion about abortion, it’s time to “Trust Women.”

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