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Analiese’s Reading 6/12

Army corps no friend to trees; What is killing Chile’s wildlife?; Ecotopia from Anasazi Cliff Dwellings; Strange clouds; Tick population is spreading in Minnesota.

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Ken Avidor on Dean Zimmerman

I began writing and blogging about Dean Zimmermann, Congresswoman Bachmann and Representative Mark Olson years ago because they were elected, public officials promoting the PRT boondoggle. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The more I researched PRT, the more bizarre stuff I discovered about all of them.

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Analiese’s Reading 6/11

Probing Tiller Killing; Call for Antiabortion Martyrs; National review is misogynist and racist; Perhaps it is time to trust women.

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Analiese’s Reading 6/10

A profile of James Von Brunn; Coleman will pay Franken $$$; Shell pays. Rape victims left behind.

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Ode to Dean Zimmerman

Dean Zimmerman was a member of the Minneapolis City Council from 2001, representing the Whittier neighborhood and standing in for the Green Party. In December, 2006, Zimmerman was sent to a Federal prison for a 30-month sentence for graft charges which he denies. Greg Laden does not know whether the former council member is guilty of accepting bribes or not, but he does have one Zimmerman story and shares it with you here.

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Shish on Grand Avenue, Part II

I had finished eating and finally had my hands free to take some notes, but I couldn’t keep up with Matt Entenza’s torrent of ideas for what he sees in Minnesota’s future. In particular, his ideas on what he would like to do for an economy that needs boosting.

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The Hurricane Lantern Effect

As you observe this ritual, you notice that the person engaged in the task is clearly doing it wrong. The process itself…the order in which things are being done…is inefficient. The way in which the funnel is used, the kind of container used to store the paraffin, the choice of device used to trim the wicks, and so on–all can be improved. You wonder how it is that these people could have survived here a year being so stupid about something as basic as maintaining and lighting the hurricane lamps they use every day.

What a dumb-ass you are being.

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Analiese’s Reading 6/2

The threat against Obama; bailout contractors and conflict of interest; Hong Kong protest over Tiananmen; war damage in Pakistan; Lady Gaga video; and pig farming documentary under threat.

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Legacy of War

Civilization is a necessary casualty of war, and it may be the hardest to rebuild. Civil war makes reestablishing the norms of civilization doubly hard, because there is no physical separation at the end of the war, nothing to say, “That was the battlefield and enemy, there. Here is where the old rules apply, among the people for whom I was fighting.”

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Shish on Grand Avenue

Matt recommended the steak kebab, and I took him up on it. Tenderly cooked with Mediterranean spices and set on a bed of saffron rice, it was the best kebab I had eaten in a very, very long time. I highly enjoyed myself. The meal and the food were important but more important was the company. Matt proved to be very good company indeed.

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