Berry Go Round # 19: Quiche Botanique

How to make a Quiche using Only Plants

This week, Quiche Moraine brings you a recipe for Quiche Botanique, the main course made entirely of plants.

First, a little bit of orientation. This is the 19th edition of the blog carnival Berry Go Round, which is a blog carnival dedicated to writings of any aspect of plant life from the blogosphere. Although the carnival is called “Berry Go Round” you should know that we refer to it affectionately as “the Berries.” I also want to let you know that the previous edition of Berry Go Round, number 18, is here, at Foothills Fancies.

Now, on to the recipe….

This recipe is entirely 100 percent natural. So we’ll begin by asking … Is there a natural diet?

The idea that our preferences and appetites were shaped some time ago is a common one, and in diet gives rise to ideas like the Pleistocene Diet. As Ford commented, his theory suggests a new explanation, for humans, of chemicals plants make to defend themselves against insects, the very chemicals that breeders are trying to increase in some varieties.

Well, maybe not, but this shall not deter us.

OK, so now, we need some ingredients. First, in picking ingredients, make sure you avoid the weeds.

….the Phactor recommends you come to terms with weeds on a philosophical level. Such an attitude adjustment is greatly aided by sitting back and enjoying your garden with the help of a tall, cold mojito.

OK, so maybe avoiding the weeds is not necessary. But let’s have a look at the other ingredients:

Buttercups, which are always yellow …

But the white flowers were something I hadn’t seen before. They’re all over the place up there right now … the Marsh Marigold isn’t a member of the Rose family. Rather it’s a member of .. The Buttercup Family, Ranunculaceae.

Well, OK, so they are not always yellow. (see Uintas Hiking, Flowers, Chipmunks and 2 Cool Things About the Remarkable Buttercup Family)

Asparagus, which I’m sure has some fancy Latin name no one can pronounce.

Know your genera – Lesson 1: Asparagus: Asparagus. How easy is that? You thought botanical Latin names were so difficult, but …

That may look familiar to you, recipe collectors! Oh. OK. Whatever. Well, the next ingredients are wild flowers. Select Five New Wildflowers:

The upper Mill Creek flowers right now are fantastic. Even if you know absolutely nothing about flowers, you can’t helped but be blown away up there right now. The trails are lined with touches of almost every color- white, blue, purple, yellow, red, pink- and every open meadow is just an explosion of color. It just doesn’t get any better than right now.

Some wild rice (as discussed by the Senate):

Funding for wild rice and forestry research cleared a Senate committee hurdle last week, said U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL-Minn.

Some mystery plants:

It’s almost anticlimactic now to tell you that these are the …. [click here to find out]

Garnish with butterflies:

When we were first being shown around our cottage by our potential landlord, Robert, he pointed out a large buddleia bush (a Buddleia davidii) in one corner of the garden and asked us not to cut it down. Apparently the last tenants had been a touch over-enthusiastic with the trimmers and Robert was a big fan of this particular buddleia. We assured him there was no way at all that we would be hacking it down. Why, you ask? Because those in the know – er, know that the buddleia’s alternative name is [click here to find out]

Then, we need to place the mixture in the oven and bake it for nine minutes, using one of these clocks.

Linnaeus’ floral clock on the island of Mainau


The Sundial Floral Clock at Kirstenbosch

Then, digest:

Digesting Annals of Botany: Annals of Botany have what I think is quite an innovative feature where they ask Prof. John Bryant of the University of Exeter, UK to take “a closer look at some of this month’s Original Articles.”…

perhaps by taking a walk to Visit Your Local Arboretum!

The arboretum is quite small, but it’s got a good representation of the region’s plants and habitats and fantastic demonstration gardens for people who want to use less water and native plants.

And then …

Take some nice pictures of the final product.

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  1. August 5th, 2009 at 3:06 am

    arati says:

    thats a really neat way of presenting the carnival! thanks!

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