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Monday Morning Update

Just a quick note that today is Mike Haubrich’s birthday. Mike’s Monday post will be up tomorrow rather than today not because he is taking the day off (he’s not) but because he wants to include an event going on tonight.

Speaking of events….

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Carnival of the Elitist Bastards XVI

The captain stood and brushed wet sand from her elbow, mouth and hair. Rough hands pawed at her shoulder and…”Yes! I’m fine. On your way!” The captain turned to face the Elitist Bastard, sitting low on the horizon, and tried not to spit.

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Two Towers, Part I

To be completely fair to my parents, it simply never occurred to them that they might actually have to TELL me not to climb the tower. Who might have thought that a five-year-old would suddenly get a yen to see the tops of the trees? It never occurred to me either that this long-abandoned windmill tower set behind the main house on our eight-cabin resort on Second Crow Wing Lake was anything but just another thing in the landscape….

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Discordant Democrats vs. Republican Dittoheads

The Republican philosophy is actually quite simple: “We have to be in charge, and if we are not, we’ll act like bullies until we are.” Well, there is a way to deal with bullies.

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Town Hall Meetings and The Eddie Haskell Factor

The events are now being populated by people who have bought into the distorted analyses of HR 32oo, and are genuinely confused at to what the bill includes and what it doesn’t include. They are now being populated by people genuinely concerned about the deficit (but one wonders where they were when George Bush was out there cutting taxes for the wealthy and raising spending to create the mess we are in). They are people who are now against a bill that would, in fact, help them, because they have heard the noise and the noise frightens them.

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This is actually a tougher fight than the election was. Corporations far and away recognized that four more years of rule by the monster that the Republican Party had become would be as disastrous for them as it would be for all of us. They were pragmatic in their understand that business cannot flourish anywhere the government doesn’t meet at least its minimal obligations in law and the maintenance of infrastructure, so they supported Obama.

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Maybe We Should Have Elected a White President After All

Join me, if you will, in a moment of utter, deep cynicism. That would mean you thinking, for just a moment, exactly like I think every second of the day. This will be painful for you, unless you are already where I am.

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A Love Letter to Louise

Oh, this book! This was the book that inspired me to be a writer and a girl spy. Both things I have achieved with aplomb. Blogging is very useful this way. It kills two birds with one stone. Harriet, as a character, was brilliant. She wore her orange hoodie and her canvas sneakers and carried her notebook everywhere and was sassy and smarter than her parents, her teachers, and, she thought, her friends. Harriet, hiding in the dumbwaiter is an image indelibly implanted in my brain. I have written all these years because of Fitzhugh’s Harriet. And have sometimes gotten myself in a spot of trouble just like Harriet for not having the ability to know who should see what.

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A Box Framed with Grass

I also go outside because of the unusual landscaping at our building. It is a strange blend of carefully manicured lawn and garden mixed with unmown native prairie grass. The building and the landscaping include large parking lots mixed in with natural drainage and what otherwise would be considered weeds in an urban landscape. In this case, it was designed to slow the flow of water towards the river.

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Destroy Ferris

He didn’t do issue films or bright, fluffy teen romances. He captured the pain of trivialities and the lack of perspective of teenagers. His parents weren’t monsters, just caught up in their own lives. Still and all, I never watched a John Hughes film that didn’t make me uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons.

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