Please Vote for Ana!


UPDATE: The contest is now over, and Ana had a good showing. She may be listed among the “semifinalists” … and we’ll know this in a couple of days. Thanks for all your help!

The original post:

Our own Analiese Miller is looking for some help from you. Ana is an accomplished stage and film actress and is looking for a break in cable TV, and so has entered a contest in which you can vote for her. The winner of the contest gets a walk-on in Mad Men, which is a cable TV production that has been out for some time. Here is the address to vote for Analiese.

And have a look at this photo. Ana is quite accomplished at looking spectacular and also at having very different looks. I could show you photos of her in different roles and you would surely think them to be of different people. The photographer, in this case, is our own Ben Zvan, the official Quiche Moraine photographer and husband of Quiche Moraine editor, Stephanie Zvan. Ben is also partly responsible for the design of this site. He not only photographed the quiche used as our masthead, but he made the quiche itself with his own recipe, and he made the server on which Quiche Moraine is…served. Without Ben, this would be a dark page totally lacking the stunning image of Analiese.

Please click on the link above and vote for Ana, every day, for several days in a row (that is allowed).

One Response to “Please Vote for Ana!”

  1. August 11th, 2009 at 1:08 am

    Ana says:

    23 more hours!!!!!11!!1!!!

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