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Waiting for the Madmen to Speak Freely

The teabaggers and birthers and town-hall busters are all, in truth, in the category that the press should report about but not in concert with. So, I’m waiting for the secretly taken videos to leak out onto YouTube. When the madmen are speaking freely among themselves, they will say things that will realign the way they are regarded, even by conservative press.

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We Don’t Accept Charity, Mister

I responded, “At one time my pride would have directed me to beg off and say, ‘Thank you for the offer, but I can’t accept charity.’ In this case, I am in a position that doesn’t give me the opportunity to stand on pride.” And I can’t, honestly. If it were just me, and if no one else depended on me, then I would be in a position to refuse. If not for those who depend on me to provide health insurance, etc., I could have declined a generous offer.

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Please Vote for Ana!


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Physics Graduate School

I encounter the second year grad students. The ones who earned their class the name “The Class From Hell”. They had a poster up in the TA office the previous year with a running total of how many female students came to see each TA. These amazing specimens move from dirty looks or come-on looks to comments: “You wear that just to show off your legs, don’t you?” “Not many skirts around this place.”

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Scott Speicher’s Body Was Never Missing, and Other Musings Over the Dead

“Hey, you can be so stupid sometimes,” chimed in another of the guys. “That’s a monkey tooth. I’m sure of it. Of course, how would you know, since you’ve never been close to a monkey!”

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