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Seventy-Three Percent of Americans Say “YES” to Public Option

Seventy-three percent of those just polled by NBC/WSJ answer in agreement with this statement:

“Is it important to give people a choice of a public option.”

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Trumpet-Playing Legislators

In 2004 I got the chance to sit down and talk to some of the people who make the decisions on the way that our government is run. I found out that for the most part they actually have lives outside of politics, and of all the astonishing revelations that I have found the one that got to me the most was that they had lives before they started running for office.

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UFOs Rumsfeldian Style!

There is, however, another context where you will hear “Rumsfeldian” being bandied about, and that is in conjunction with his famous quote during a press conference on Feb. 12th, 2002:

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. These are things we do not know we don’t know.”

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Religion Hunter Bites the Dust

Being a religion hunter says a couple of things about you. First, you are likely sincerely seeking that something outside yourself. Unfortunately, the longer you look without finding, the more you are likely to become prey to the grifters, the charlatans, the greedy, and the idiots who just might kill you. Second, it says you are looking to others to give you what you are unable to give yourself. If you hunt out religions, you must carry the belief that other people know something, hold some secret, that you haven’t found yet–and that it’s something that they can share.

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The Time for You to Act on Health Care Insurance Reform Is Now

In observing the vitriolic, over-the-top fight to NOT have heath care insurance reform, organized by the status quo but carried out by the working class slobs who have been enamored with the Republican Party since Rush Limbaugh became its titular head a couple of decades back, you are observing the single most powerful act of spite ever carried out by any group of humans.

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Hallock Is Where I Am From, Not Where I Am

The kids and I each wrote him a note yesterday, a goodbye and thank you note for being such a good man and a great teacher, for being supportive of me and loving towards the grandchildren. It was our way of telling him while we still had the chance that he has been very important to us. We wanted to say it now rather than regret when he dies that we had not done so.

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Dispatches from the International Robotic Explorers League

Consisting of the many and varied robotic spacecraft exploring our Solar System and parts beyond, the IREL soldiers on tirelessly, often in obscurity and in conditions that would make even the most hardy of human beings question their resolve, all to provide us with the data necessary to enhance our understanding of the Universe. They may only be robots, but they give every ounce of circuitry in the service of completing their missions, in many cases going above and beyond the call of duty to return useful measurements long after their designed operational lifetimes. Join me now as we take a look around the league.

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Giant’s Shoulders Blog Carnival #16

My two favorite historical quotes are, “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants,” and, “I owe my greatness to the smallness of my contemporaries.” Taken separately, each quote has its charm. Together, they explain…well, academia at least.

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My Journey Through Race and Racism (Part II)

Indeed, my first real conversations with a peer about race and biology were at this new school, with my friend Miles. He was very smart and he was Jewish. He used to tell me that Jews would always be smarter than Catholics. Here’s why….

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Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in Anoka County

Just this last Saturday I went to the Teamsters Hall in Blaine so that six DFL gubernatorial candidates could make their pitch for delegates before the big push comes in February. The press weren’t invited (although they would not have been excluded had they come), because this was more of an “inside” meeting. I was, in this case, an insider.

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