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Cleaning Up the Orbital Neighborhood

While responsible space-faring nations are making de-orbit plans a standard feature of launches today, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of derelict objects still around from the time before this need was recognized. These factors combine to create a recipe for eventual chaos in the orbital arena, which if left unchecked, could render wide regions of Earth’s orbital space effectively unusable for decades or even centuries.

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And Then You Wait

Dressed, you walk back down the hall, dazed a little with the impersonal, helpful violence that’s just been done to you. You remember now that someone online suggested taking ibuprofen before the appointment and wish you’d remembered earlier.

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Zombies Must Eat Litter…RRRGGGGHHHH

Minnesota Atheist Zombie Pub Crawl will follow Secular Humanist Highway Cleanup on Saturday, October 10th. Be there or be…. Braaaiinnzzzz….

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Gettin’ It On in Space

Late in July, my wife and I welcomed our first child, Liam Oran, into the world. He is a happy and healthy 10 weeks old now, and his presence prompted my wife to suggest today’s topic when I was soliciting suggestions a few weeks ago. While contemplating the idea of sex in space may invite more than its share of muffled laughter or red faces, for anyone who believes that the future of the human species depends on our ability to colonize outer space and other planets, it is serious business.

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My Journey Through Race and Racism (Part I)

Joey: “Hey, Greg. You’re a regular Walking Encyclopedia!”

Greg: “Thanks, Joey. I like to learn lots of stuff”

Joey: “Mugrphhhmmmft.”

(Mugrphhhmmmft is the sound Joey’s fist makes giving Greg a bloody nose.)

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Bell Museum of Natural History Upcoming Events

The Bell Museum of Natural History has many exciting events coming up in October. Here is the schedule.

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All That We Know About Evolution Is Wrong

It is a new piece to a giant jigsaw puzzle of the course of human evolution from the earliest protozoan through the mini-mammals surviving the K-T boundary, up to the Cro-Magnons who are reading and typing on the internet . It’s quite likely that the pieces we have put together so far are in the wrong places in the picture that the puzzle represents, and that is why paleoanthropologists do what they do.

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They Won’t Thank You

Discovering that our fears are irrational should provide us the ideal solution for that security trade-off: diminished fear at no cost to us. But what happens in real life? I got to find out this week.

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The Circus of the Spineless #43

This month’s submissions to the Circus of the Spineless web carnival represent an astonishing array of organisms, and the full range of the kinds of interests people take in those organisms, and each post is illustrated with at least one, often many, very pretty pictures.

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The Spiders of Allah by James Hider

October 7th Burnsville Book Club Meeting: The Spiders of Allah by James Hider

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