Ed Does Bachmann

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Ed of The Ed Show broadcast from the Twin Cities and focused on our own Michele Bachmann. Here’s the show:

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There is a very small space that separates the behavior of Michele Bachmann and her supporters and the medieval pheasants lampooned by Monte Python in various skits and the movie Holy Grail. The problem is that the Monte Python characters are fiction, obvious jokes, and utterly unbelievable, while the Teabagging Insurgents are real, don’t get the joke, and are…utterly unbelievable.

It will be interesting to see how the National Democratic Party and its cognate organizations will approach Michele Bachmann as the next election approaches. There is a great risk in going after her and not succeeding in replacing her (which is a distinct possibility). But if an opportunity arises…if she stumbles and bleeds and thus allows her opponents to go in for the kill…it will be hard to resist. However, it will be easy for the Democrats to misjudge a stumble. Her famous call for an investigation of all members of Congress to see whether they have anti-American views, while being interviewed on Hardball, would be considered a stumble by most thinking Democrats or Progressives. But it was not. Well, yes, it was a bumble, as in “bumbling idiot,” but not a stumble. It was more like an accidental double play, in which she got the left to hate her vociferously and the right to love her passionately by being an unmitigated ass. If she does that again and the Dems go after her, the Dems lose. But they may not be able to resist. I know I won’t resist.

It is strange for those of us who have followed Bachmann’s career since back before she was in Congress to come to the point where she is likely to be a key figure in national-level politics. It is strange because she has obtained this position by being a moron. An unmitigated, hateful, radical, unthinking jerk. A hypocrite with no fundamental values except to oppose whatever is suggested by the nearest visible liberal political entities. In other words, the archetypal Republican.

Well, thanks for covering this, Ed. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around quite a bit over the next couple of years!

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One Response to “Ed Does Bachmann”

  1. December 5th, 2009 at 8:47 am

    a daughter's mother says:

    Maybe we need to dig out those old pictures of her hiding behind the bushes at the state capitol while spying on those oh-so-scary gays holding a rally on the capitol steps? Or revisit the story of her running screaming about lesbians in the ladies room when a couple women approached her to ask her a policy question? I’m sceptical either would work, for the same reasons you’ve stated above, and because of all the publicity already generated by the incidents. Maybe the world just needs a Michele Bachmann or a Katherine Harris, and this is our turn to host the embarrassment.
    On the bright side, I have Arizona friends with Minnesota friends who are moving into her district this winter, just to vote against her next election! Rock on!

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