Quiche Moraine Contributor Interviewed for BBC Podcast

Trish Lewis’s St. Vincent Memories

Trish sent us this post in May and, perhaps because of her appearance in Quiche Moraine, the BBC contacted her to discuss the history of Northwestern Minnesota, Southern Manitoba and Northeastern North Dakota on their Pods and Blogs show.  She writes the blog St. Vincent Memories. St. Vincent is a small town across the Red River from Pembina, North Dakota, just across the Canadian border from Emerson, Manitoba.  I find the subject fascinating because she shares a history of which I was completely unaware even though I grew up in the same area.  Hallock is only 20 miles from the “Tri-City” area she writes about.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the producer of BBC Radio Five’s Pods & Blogs show. The producer, Jamillah Knowles, had been alerted to this blog by a friend of hers recently. Jamillah was doing a program on history blogs, and she wanted to feature mine on that program. As you might imagine, I was flabbergasted but highly honored. I said yes!

Follow her link to the podcast from this post at St. Vincent Memories, “Interview with the BBC.”

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