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Using Social Media to Promote Atheism

In December, Stephanie, Greg and I sat down in the studios of Metro Cable Network to tape a segment of the Atheists Talk TV show.  We talked about us, about you and about how we all find each other and promote each other and be social atheists from distances sometimes made near.  Because in the video I read the intro too quickly, here is the transcript of it:

Social media include a growing collection of software services through which people share information in what is now approaching true real-time communication. Events happen, and are shared as soon as they happen across the world through such services as live-blogging and Twitter.  Blogging creates a space for diverse voices and viewpoints that traditional media has never provided.  Networking services including Facebook, and now to a lesser extent MySpace, which were at one time intended as a way for existing friends to keep up with each other, now provide for groups to update their members on activities, events, causes and issues.

We’re not going to list all of the services that people use, but to discuss ways in which atheists and skeptics have been able to use social networking to gather, to find each other, to respond to conflagrations and to create them on our own.  We might even talk about our own blogs and what we have done with them.

Cue Stephanie.

The Podcast is up in its entirety here and it is broken into segments at Greg Laden’s Blog.

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