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A Day in the Life of an Urban Archaeologist

…one more day of sewage after 300 years of wanton effluence by the good people of Waterford, New York would make very little difference…

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Buses vs. Bikes, Downtown vs. the Neighborhood, in Minneapolis

I hope we can see an Eat Street shuttle some time in the near future.

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Hey, Dad

We shared this planet for fifty years. We lived through cold below freezing, and we lived through heat and mosquitoes. We saw Mexico together. He gave me rides on his motorcycle and let me drive his Jeep when I was far too young. He let me know that Bob Dylan is just a poet and not a singer and wondered why people spend good money on records and tapes when FM radio is just fine and free.

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Paying for Free

There’s a group of entertainers I’ve hung out with over the years. They make much of the money for their work by passing the hat, which means they have to engage their audience. Even among them, there’s a saying: “The cost of your ticket does not include a speaking role.”

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