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Gulf Oil Spill: First the Bad News, Then the Other Bad News

Ana’s Feed: BP Oil has bought up about a third of the world’s supply of oil dispersal chemicals, apparently to use in the Gulf spill (Chemicals Meant To Break Up BP Oil Spill Present New Environmental Concerns). And it turns out that Halliburton May Be the Culprit In the Oil Rig Explosion.

Bachmann Updates

So, we can all think that only crazy and stupid people will vote for Michele Bachmann this year. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of them in her district. Or we can support the Democratic organizations in the 6th District and the candidate who is running against her in the general election.

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How We Got This Way

Ways to socialize, ways to love, ways to hate, ways to be afraid come in part “naturally” and in part from specific role models, and in part from popular culture. And that popular culture includes these old TV shows.

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Is Keith Ellison the Antichrist?

I suppose it is quite reasonable that the man chosen by the Republicans to run against Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison is a firm believer that we are presently in the End Times and that the Antichrist is almost here.

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The Bridge

What was that sound? A hand-cranked railroad cart that needed oiling? An old firetruck with a broken siren? A group of boy scouts with a dying hippopotamus?

No, no, not a hippopotamus. Too artifactual sounding. Too human-made sounding. More like the siren, like an old fashioned air raid siren. And as I listened, not only did it get louder, but I had the distinct impression that it was getting closer.

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Food for Thought and Thoughts on Food

Find out what the world eats, eat a little brunch yourself, and find out how our world is changing.

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Garbage Statistics

One of the rites of spring is my own personal neighborhood cleanup. I started right after work, and here’s a little rundown of what I found.

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