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In 2010, Michele Bachmann has turned into a conservative cultural icon.  We knew Michele in Minnesota when she was quixotically introducing her Marriage Amendment in the Senate, before she was elected to Congress in 2006 to replace Mark Kennedy. Mark, please come back! All is forgiven.

In these four short years, her stock has risen among the conservatives.  Perhaps I should refer to them as the nouveau conservateurs, those unwashed who think that conservatism is all about “God, guns, and lower taxes.”  The representative has been touted as a possible vice presidential candidate. She is a fundraising force for “Tea Party Conservatives.”

She is an embarrassment to most Minnesotans.  I say “most” Minnesotans, because she does have a large following even here.  The rest of us scratch our heads in wonder at how so many people take her seriously.  We also find it amusing to be accused of sexism when we make fun of her, especially since these accusations made by people who hate feminists.

There is much to mock in Michele Bachmann.  I find it hard to listen to her without laughing at her weird claims and conspiracies, but I also find myself agape at the force with which her supporters defend her.  With that, we at Quiche Moraine have decide to revive yet again, a collection of articles and blog posts noting the weird and wonderful world of the representative from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

To get you warmed up and in the mood, Buzzfeed gives us the top ten craziest Michele Bachmann quotes Photoshopped for your viewing pleasure.

Michele has a fan. He’s an articulate fan, and we know this because he makes up clever 7th-gradish nicknames for people.  I am glad that this person is not a fan of Quiche Moraine:

Okay, so here she is at the historic confrontation. She is a member of the House Financial Services Committee. She is interrogating international swindlers Little Timmy Geithner, pretend Secretary of the Treasury and “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke, chairman of the non-Federal non-Reserve System. This I know you will find hard to believe, but she speaks without a teleprompter. Don’t believe me? See for yourself on You Tube.

She is a tax attorney, but, as she cut these two smirking mountebanks into uniform chunks of smoking stench, I could not help but think of a surgeon. She kept asking them to cite the constitutional authority for each of their actions. Of course they couldn’t do so. They stumbled. Ben refused to say where the money had gone. The farce ended when her time expired and the committee chairman would not allow Little Timmy to say how much money the Treasury would get back from the anonymous banks it had bailed.

I don’t honestly know what to make of Arlen, but I am happy he is not a fan of Quiche Moraine.

The American Spectator takes aim at Bachmann for either being crazy or loving the limelight (they aren’t sure which is the priority). They point out that she has not, in two terms, passed any meaningful legislation in Congress.

Still, Bachman’s headline-grabbing stunts, time spent on talk radio and cable, and even labels from staff and peers would be worth it if she could put her money where her mouth gabbed. This is her second term as a U.S. Congresswoman. She has yet to sponsor and pass any effective legislation at all, let alone any related to the issues that put her in the spotlight — though in her defense she’s outnumbered, and to her credit, she has co-sponsored some good bills.

She’s one of Hannity’s favorite conservatives and she knows how to draw a crowd, but a November Rasmussen poll showed Bachmann’s district may not love her as much as everyone else does. Fifty-one percent of likely voters said they somewhat approve of Bachmann’s job performance and 45% disapprove. That could be more due to the fact that the district has been trending left in recent years, as local Democrats have picked up several state seats, rather than Bachmann’s vocal conservatism.

Bachmann has introduced us to a new way of looking at economics, with the claim that the “private” economy is in the hands of the government. All of that has happened, of course, since Obama took office 14 months ago. And the sista’s are doing it for themselves:

Bachmann’s speech, which included her typical rhetoric about government takeovers of the “private economy” that was previously “100% private,” focused on what she said was President Obama’s weakness on national security weakness. But, she also made gender a theme. “I think I heard somebody say ‘repeal,'” Bachmann said, in reference to the health care bill. “You better believe it, baby. Repeal is what this girl is gonna be all about after November.”

This event was not in Bachmann’s district, but was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in district of Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison.

In introducing Palin, Bachmann spoke of the admiration they all felt for Palin’s fortitude and determination, and her appeal: “Part of it is that she is so much a one of us. And as absolutely drop-dead gorgeous as this woman is on the outside, I am here to testify she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside.”

In February, she sent out a fundraising letter claiming that Obama is out to “annihilate conservativism:”

Just consider Obama’s ties to the radical group ACORN.

For years Obama worked with, advised, and even trained ACORN and its volunteers in community agitation.

So close is Obama to ACORN that his presidential campaign relied on it for crucial get-out-the-vote drives to win.

But ACORN is a corrupt group, rotten to the core. It’s been investigated for voter fraud in 14 states and its workers have been caught on tape in 5 separate cities willing to help set up brothels for underage illegal alien child prostitutes.

Yet, Obama has used his enormous power as president to funnel millions of dollars into ACORN’s coffers to strengthen this radical group and his base.

Because Obama sees ACORN as his ideological “shock troops” leading his “revolution.”

Obama wants to use ACORN to radicalize America because he isn’t interested merely in defeating conservatives…


That’s the purpose behind ObamaCare, too.

The frightening thing is that she has been raising money, a lot of money, and the congressional race in the 2010 elections for the 6th district in Minnesota is going to be expensive. Michele Bachmann’s campaign has reported that she has $1.5 million in donations to her credit in this election cycle. Her chief opponent in the race is Tarryl Clark who has raised $1.1 million. Much of the money for both candidates is coming from outside of the district, owing to the fact that Bachmann has been a nationally-known crazy since 2008 when she invited the press to look into “anti-Americans in Congress” and the “anti-Americans” that are Obama’s friends.

The next day I was campaigning for her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg. Most of the people I talked to were extremely embarrassed that their representative had made such a fool of herself, but I knocked at the door of someone who had gotten on to a Democratic list, somehow. She came to the door and saw that I was campaigning against Bachmann and said she was voting for her Congresswoman. I was incredulous and asked her, “Even after what she said on TV last night.” The woman looked me in the eye and told me, “Yes.” Then she shut her door on me.

So, we can all think that only crazy and stupid people will vote for Michele Bachmann this year. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of them in her district. Or we can support the Democratic organizations in the 6th District and the candidate who is running against her in the general election. Quiche Moraine will give you periodic updates on the reasons to help defeat her and get some semblance of sanity back in Minnesota’s 6th District.

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4 Responses to “Bachmann Updates”

  1. April 30th, 2010 at 5:30 am

    Adamo says:

    And if all else fails, we can get the state legislature to un-gerrymander her district to spread out the wing-nuts and the hard-core fundamentalists so she can’t get a majority anywhere.

  2. April 30th, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Mike Haubrich says:

    That just may happen, too, depending on the outcome of the census and this year’s gubernatorial election in Minnesota.

  3. May 2nd, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Eddie says:

    Donate to Tarryl Clark here:

  4. May 3rd, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Ben Zvan says:

    I’ll agree with Arlen on one point: It was certainly a farce.

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