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Locally to the Twin Cities: If you have not seen the What the World Eats exhibit at the Bell Museum, you should. The exhibit ends by May 23rd, 2010, so you have just over a month. If you live in or near Dinkytown and/or are a student at the U, this is really easy to do. Give yourself an hour, because this is not a walk through and go, “huh,” or, “wow,” experience. This is a stand there and stare for a long time, then read the text, then stand there and stare for a longer time experience.

If you are around on Sunday, check out the Blasphemer’s Brunch at Q. Cumbers. The old Radio Show is gone, but the Brunch Lives On. Details on this and other events at MN Atheists.

Analiese’s Facebook feed has three important and interesting stories linked by the theme of Global Climate Change: Visualizations by JPL “show how some of the key indicators of climate change, such as temperature, sea ice extent and carbon dioxide concentrations, have changed in Earth’s recent history,” two more glaciers at Glacier National Park have melted away, and severe aridification is happening in southern China.

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