Mexicans Are Cute and Funny

Today, Mexicans are, depending on your uniquely American perspective, hard working, overtaxing (of our precious resources that we rightfully stole), or in some cases, scary. But back when Adam-12 was still in its first season, Cubans were scary (what with dozens of airplane hijackings per year), Puerto Ricans were eating us out of house and home, but the Mexicans…they were cute and funny. We learned this from entertainers such as Cantinflas Mario Moreno, Speedy Gonzalez (¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!), and we learned this from TV skits like this one:

And once again, Officers Malloy and Reed demonstrate their uncanny ability to know when to get out of Dodge. In this case, before the wife gets home!

Viva la popular culture!

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