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PZ Myers on Evolution in Edina, May 15th

PZ Myers comes to the Twin Cities!

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Ellison Campaign Startup

Join Keith Ellison for our 2010 campaign kickoff party!

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And Now for Your Local News

Things you need to know.

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Reconstructing Criticism

So what does constructive criticism look like in the wild, particularly online? Essentially, it contains three elements: specificity, behavioral (rather than personal) orientation and positive recommendations for change. It sounds awfully simple for something that happens so rarely.

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Intermedia Arts: Our Turn

Choose your own subject matter, write your own scripts, conduct interviews, operate the cameras and edit your own story segments. No experience necessary!

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Mexicans Are Cute and Funny

Viva la popular culture!

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Your World, Your Weekend

Ana’s feed (alarming as is often the case); recommendations for Twin Cities denizens for this weekend.

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Shaming the Atheists

I consider the writer to be a friend but I think he is wrong in this post. There is good reason that many of us would like to see religion gone, and it is religion itself, not the people who are religious, that we want to see wither and die.

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Relationships, and the Proper Management of Intoxicated Women

The police officers are pleased and amused by the situation, which gives the young viewers an indication of what it looks like when all’s well that ends well.

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The Cold War

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and other TV shows like it helped young Americans learn what and who to be be afraid of, and most importantly, what our enemies looked like.

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