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Ana’s Feed Is All About Women

Reform, cooperation, the will of god, and more.

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The Problem with Sock Puppets

Those who engage in sock puppetry, however, are making a raid on reputation. They’re stealing it, either by exploiting the bandwagon fallacy to accrue unearned regard for their position or by disowning the negative effects that attacking someone else has on reputation, basically shoplifting a smackdown every now and again. YNH did both.

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The Saga of the You’re Not Helping Blog

Sycophantic sock puppets hastily darned
Cheering onward the crowd that was Will
But his echo chamber became too crowded
Their stumbling round the blog did kill

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Ana’s Feed

Financial regs, income gap, Stone on U.S. in S.A.

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I Will Be at the Con

In a few days, the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention hits the Twin Cities. See you there.

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Anti-Democratic Blog Messes Up

Luke Hellier of the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) has made an egregious, possibly dishonest “error” in a recent accusation regarding Congressional CandidateJim Meffert.

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You Talk A Mite Too Much, General

I am all in favor of the White House and the military being at odds over policy and politics. I have this notion that the elected civilians need to remind the officers that in our country, at least, the elected civilians are in charge. It’s that respect for the concept of democracy deep within my little cowboy heart that gets alarmed whenever I sense that the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are too much on the same page.

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Ana’s Feed

Supreme Court rulings of great import. And a film.

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Gun Protection–Best-Case Scenario

So you’ve read my latest post on Almost Diamonds, on how poorly a gun protects you in the home, and you’ve said to yourself, “Self, those numbers are pretty far apart, but hell, that’s just robbery.” And you’re right.

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Ana’s Feed: Global Warming

People trying to survive the devastating effects of anthropogenic global warming.

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