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Supreme Court ruling makes ‘it a crime to work for peace and human rights’: CCR

Former President Carter could be prosecuted for monitoring fair elections in Lebanon

The US Supreme Court endorsed Monday a broad reading of the law criminalizing “material support” to terrorism, a statute that critics argue targets legitimate free speech.

In a six to three vote, the highest US court sided with the government and found that an NGO could face prosecution for providing non-terror-related support, including rights training, to US-designated terror groups.

Supreme Court Boosts Federal Prosecutors in Terror Cases

Washington – The Supreme Court on Monday bolstered law enforcement in national security cases, permitting prosecution of U.S. organizations that provide non-violent legal training or advice to designated terrorist groups.

In the year’s most anticipated war-on-terrorism decision, the court by a 6-3 vote ruled that legal and political training proposed to be offered by the Humanitarian Law Project and several California-based groups could amount to “material support” for terrorists.

Sundance Breakout Documentary “GasLand” Premieres on HBO. This Disturbing Film Is A Must See.

“GasLand” is the most important and politically incendiary documentary we’ve seen since “Sicko”. Kudos to HBO for showing this Sundance award winning film; do whatever you can to make sure you (and everyone you know) see it. (You’ll never quite get over the shots of officials insisting there’s nothing harmful in the drinking water, juxtaposed with a scene of fire coming out of someone’s tap water. And of course, officials consistently decline to sample the water they keep insisting is “safe”.)

The film focuses on damage to water supplies done by the high-powered natural gas mining process known as “fracking,” and the shameless efforts by industry and politicians to cover it up. It’s all too resonant with what just happened in the Gulf. (The energy industry has already issued a point by point rebuttal. Fox says he’s putting together his own response.)

Monsanto GM seed ban is overturned by US Supreme Court

The bio-tech company Monsanto can sell genetically modified seeds before safety tests on them are completed, the US Supreme Court has ruled.

A lower court had barred the sale of the modified alfalfa seeds until an environmental impact study could be carried out.

But seven of the nine Supreme Court Justices decided that ruling was unconstitutional.

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