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Sharron Angle calls for the killing of Democrats in order to push Republican Agenda

Speaking to radio host Lars Larson … [Sharron] Angle, who recently won the GOP nomination to take on Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said that people were “looking toward those Second Amendment remedies” to stop the Democratic agenda…

New PAC aims to put conservative Christians into Minnesota courts

A new political action committee aimed at getting conservatives elected to judicial posts in Minnesota has been formed by Republican activists Joe Salmon and Dorothy Fleming. This fall, the slate of endorsees by the Justice in Minnesota PAC have all run for court positions in the past and lost — and all subscribe to conservative Christian beliefs including opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Klobuchar formaldehyde bill clears Senate

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Amy Klobuchar that aims to create the toughest standards in the world on formaldehyde levels in wood products passed the Senate today by unanimous consent.

Klobuchar’s bill seeks to protect consumers from “potentially hazardous levels of the chemical formaldehyde.” Formaldehyde is used as a “chemical intermediary” in many household items, adhesives, solvents and composite wood used in furniture, cabinets, countertops and flooring.

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