The Saga of the You’re Not Helping Blog

Will one day got so damn intent
When he read himself some blogs
Someone be rong on the Internet!
Say he: I must be Teh demagogue

Meta was his middle name
He told them how to help
Earned a wee bit of fame
He could too loudly yelp

A blog takes time to grow and mature
The first few months are always slow
Will knew his success was not assure
But Will, impatient would not let go

Will needed heft, a clique, a loudish crowd
So he made for his blog three secret clones
When hints were dropped: his location found
He made himself a new false midwestern home

When challenged: what do you know anyway?
Will produced a few more fake throw-aways
One he made into a girl, so he could say:
Cred? Yes, you see, I have got diversitay

He tilted most at bloggers three
Or maybe four, five, six or more
Laden, Benson and of course PZ-M
Became Will’s daily bloggy fare!

But Will made an error in our face
His posts were timely and frequent
Even when he could not make a case
Off to WordPress his post was sent

Quote mined, willfully misunderstood
The bloggers noticed William’s deeds
Who wants to be someone’s blog food?
It easy to be annoyed at YNH’s creed

So six to twelve readers they did share notes
And William possessed only a modicum of smart
And lo! Guesses on data eventually will float
And so facts laid out tore Will’s story apart

The meltdown of his was verily something to see.
He accused Greg Laden of being the devil himself
But it was truly a committee of those he offend’
Who put the truth of his blog on honesty’s shelf

Sycophantic sock puppets hastily darned
Cheering onward the crowd that was Will
But his echo chamber became too crowded
Their stumbling round the blog did kill

One Response to “The Saga of the You’re Not Helping Blog”

  1. June 30th, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Greg Laden says:

    One more stanza needs to be written:

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