We Can Haz Microbrewery?

It is not easy to open a Microbrewery in Minneapolis, but there is an effort to change that situation. Which I assume would be good, because it would mean more beer, and better beer.

According to City Council Member Gary Schiff, “To open a microbrewery, the City of Minneapolis also makes you open a restaurant. That’s some pretty heavy overhead … the costs of running a restaurant means there is little money left to cover the costs of packaging and distribution, so locally-brewed beer never gets in stores.”

The Brew Beer Here Law has just passed the Minnesota House, and is working its way through the process. You can use this site to keep track of the bill (hat tip: Underground Brewing for that site).

According to a press release from Gary Schiff’s office:

A handful of local startup breweries are poised to open with the help of the new legislation, including Fulton Beer, Harriet Brewing, 612Brew, Longfellow Brewing, and Steel Toe Brewing.

“This is a great opportunity to build community,” said Jason Sowards, who hopes to open Harriet Brewing this year on Minnehaha Avenue. “Residents can come fill a growler and can come to the source of where their microbrew is being made. I get to meet the people who love my beer, and help boost the local economy. It cuts out the middleman and helps a local startup company at the same time.”

Craft brewing is a growing $7 billion dollar industry in the United States, with sales up 10% in 2009 according to the Brewers Association, the trade organization for the craft industry. “Changing our regulations can help Minneapolis capture our share of a growing industry, and help build a movement of Minneapolis-made products,” said Schiff.

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One Response to “We Can Haz Microbrewery?”

  1. July 15th, 2010 at 6:01 am

    Lorax says:

    I think a change in the law is warranted and fully support it. But I do enjoy the “boost the economy” followed by “cut out the middleman” statements. There seems to be a disconnect there.

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