Minneapolis Primary Sample Ballot

Tomorrow is the day. Following my usual tradition, I’m posting my ballot and reasoning for anyone who trusts my judgment and hasn’t had the time to research all the races. eVoter Minnesota will tell you where to vote and who is in your races and let you print a sample ballot of your own. The Star Tribune has candidate profiles and links to candidate web sites (and will have returns).

U.S. Representative District 5 (Vote for 1)
Barb Davis White, DFL Party

X Keith Ellison, DFL Party

Gregg A. Iverson, DFL Party

Why: Fairly frequently, I run into people who try to tell me that all politicians are corrupt or inept. I tell them I’m represented by Keith Ellison and Al Franken and that perhaps they should fix their own situation. They shut up. Note also that this is not a safe race to skip in the voting. Barb Davis White is a Tea Party candidate who has realized she has no chance in the general election and is trying to sneak in through the primary. Don’t let that happen.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor (Vote for 1)
X Margaret Anderson Kelliher and John Gunyo, DFL Party

Peter Idusogie and Lady Jayne Fontain, DFL Party

Mark Dayton and Yvonne Prettner Solon, DFL Party

Matt Entenza and Robyne Robinson, DFL Party

Why: Dayton and Entenza both have plenty of experience, and I won’t cry if either of them wins the primary. However, there’s a lot of work required to reverse the damage Pawlenty (and others before him, but mostly him) have done. I really want a governor with experience getting the legislature to produce working bills. Kelliher did just that.

Secretary of State (Vote for 1)
X Mark Ritchie, DFL Party

Dick Franson, DFL Party

Why: Dick Franson is a perpetual candidate for any office. Ritchie is the only serious candidate.

Attorney General (Vote for 1)
Leo F. Meyer, DFL Party

X Lori Swanson, DFL Party

Why: “My brother was a highly decorated officer” is not a qualification for this office. Swanson is the only serious candidate.

Minneapolis School Board Director, District 3 (Vote for 1)
X Hussein Samatar

Why: There may be only one candidate in this race, but he’s well worth voting for.

Minneapolis School Board Director, At Large (Vote for 2)
Rebecca Gagnon

Chanda Smith Baker

Steven C Lasley

X T. Williams

James Everett

Mohamud Noor

Doug Mann

R.E. “Dick” Velner

X Richard Mammen

Shirlynn Lachapelle

Why: School board elections in Minneapolis are interesting. Almost everybody is saying the right things about what needs to be done, so it comes down largely to demonstrated competence. My two choices have the most board experience directly related to schools.

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3 Responses to “Minneapolis Primary Sample Ballot”

  1. August 10th, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Ben Zvan says:

    How did a tea party candidate get on the DFL ballot exactly?

  2. August 10th, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Stephanie Zvan says:

    Filed the appropriate paperwork.

  3. August 10th, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Greg Laden says:

    What, no judges? We have like fifty of them here. No school board though.

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