About Quiche Moraine

Quiche Moraine is intended to be a place where the best parts of blogging get a little easier for everyone. Readers will have new voices brought to them. Existing bloggers can present themselves to a broader audience and stretch beyond the comforts of their own usual styles and topics. People who have important and interesting things to say but not the time and attention to maintain and promote a blog can have a home for their occasional writing and the help of experienced writers and editors to shape their writing for an audience.

The three of us who started Quiche Moraine are peripatetic bloggers. On our individual blogs, you’ll find a mix of culture, politics and science. You’ll find all those here as well. We’re also local to Minnesota’s Twin Cities, which we expect to color Quiche Moraine but not to the exclusion of topics of broader interest. We are by turns whimsical and serious, analytical and emotional. We make no predictions about which of those you’ll get on any given day.

Who Is Quiche Moraine?
Mike Haubrich is a straight, sci-curious blogger in Minnesota. A liberal Democrat to the core, he is also the Affirmative Action Officer for the DFL Senate District 51 and positively atheistic in viewpoint. You can occasionally hear him as the back-up host on Atheists Talk.

Mike has also blogged at Tangled Up in Blue Guy and Clashing Culture.

Greg Laden is a scientist, educator, blogger and food critic interested in cranking up the power of the sciency part of the Liberal Blogosphere. He works at the University of Minnesota and writes for Scienceblogs.com. He is the Food and Snark editor of Quiche Moraine.

Stephanie Zvan is a writer and editor. She’s moderately obsessed with communication and the barriers thereto. She grew up on politics, and discovered reality and research design a bit later in life. She thinks they’re all cool. Ooh, and stories. She likes stories.

Despite being convinced she’s not all that interesting, Stephanie blogs regularly at Almost Diamonds.

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