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National Night Out Is August 3rd

From Gary Schiff:

This year’s National Night Out will take place Tuesday, August 3, 2010. Almost sixty thousand Minneapolis residents are expected to participate in more than one thousand events. Street closure applications received by July 14 are free. Applications received between July 15 and July 30 will be charged $100. There is a single online process to register your NNO event and apply to close your street. The names and addresses of 75% of the neighbors who approve the street closure must be submitted with the application. Signatures are not needed.

DFL at Twin Cities Pride Festival

Come and visit the Stonewall DFL booth at this year’s Pride Festival!

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Minneapolis: The City of Bikes

Minneapolis is adding a bike sharing program and considering allowing restaurants to serve food after 2:00 a.m.

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Science Diversity Carnival Coming Soon. Submit Your Posts!

The Diversity in Science Carnival will be hosted at Quiche Moraine. Today is the submission deadline, but I’m sure posts submitted tomorrow (the 26th) will also be considered.

Here is the theme:

We are inviting all posts that challenge pre-conceptions and mis-conceptions of who scientists/engineers are, what they look like, how they behave, what they do, etc. A cross-disciplinary examination of this issue is encouraged and posts about everything from the merging of art and science or science and faith, to posts that highlight social life to how people from well-represented groups are strong advocates of diversity initiatives.

Submit your posts here.

Jim Meffert: Gulf spill in part a consequence of America’s backwards energy strategy

By way of introduction to QM of Jim Meffert, candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Third District, a press release just out from his office regarding the Gulf oil spill:

Edina, MN – Jim Meffert, DFL candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Third District, released the following statement today as BP executives prepare to initiate the “top kill” procedure that officials hope will stop the massive Gulf floor oil leak that has lasted for 34 days and counting.

Meffert said, “As the oil spill caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico reaches American shores, people are realizing that this disaster is much larger than BP has let on. BP must be held accountable for the tragedy they caused, the misinformation they have given the government and the public, the botched cleanup effort, the continued use of a toxic chemical dispersant, and all of the residual environmental damage this leak will certainly cause. Congress needs to keep the pressure on BP until cleanup is complete and future damage is mitigated as much as possible.

“But beyond this, BP’s irresponsible handling of this incident highlights three broader concerns that must be addressed: the enormous environmental and economic risks involved in domestic offshore drilling, the need for stronger federal environmental protections to hold the oil industry accountable, and the need to move America toward an energy policy that is truly based on renewable energy sources.

“It is tough to imagine a more urgent wake-up call for America on why we need to get serious about transitioning to renewable energy sources right now. Unfortunately too many officials continue to support a more or less status quo energy strategy that will keep us dependent on fossil fuels for decades. Congressman Erik Paulsen, for example, has advocated strongly for offshore drilling and said the environmental risks are low, though recent events have clearly shown otherwise.

“It is also ironic that many of the elected leaders who have been most vocal about cutting all government to the bare minimum are now, in the wake of this disaster, complaining that the government isn’t doing enough to help. As I have been saying all along, we need to stop asking whether government is too big or too small and start asking whether it is getting the job done. In this case, more could be done to help the Gulf Coast recover, and much more can be done to move America toward a clean energy future.”

“We need to start viewing government as a tool and not as an enemy. We also need to create an energy policy that will produce safe and reliable power over the long term without risking the enormous devastation that we have seen this month in the Gulf. This will mean investing in new technologies including wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels that will not only be safer and more sustainable, but also create the kind of good jobs we need in Minnesota and around the country. We need energy innovation now more than ever, and that is what I will be fighting for in Congress.”

Local Author Kelly McCullough at Har Mar

Kelly McCullough, author of the Ravern series (starting with WebMage of fantasy/science fiction and dealing with artificial intelligence, magical computer technology, and mythology) will be making a local appearance here in the Twin Cities. Those of you who have followed the Twin Cities Creation Science Fair story already know the place: Har Mar Shopping Center. Or, to be more exact, at the Barnes and Noble at Har Mar.

The Har Mar visit will coincide with the release of McCullough’s latest book.

Day: May 25th (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00 PM

2010 Bioblitz (Bell Museum)

BIOBLITZ 2010 at Vermillion Highlands
June 11-12, 2010

This year’s Minnesota BioBlitz will take place at the Vermillion Highlands Research, Recreation and Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and Vermillion River (WMA). Our base camp and main check-in will be at the UMore Park Administration Building at 1605 160th Street W., Rosemount, Minn. .

Every year Minnesota BioBlitz attracts hundreds of families and scientists from around the state who use sonar detectors, bug lights, live traps and laptops to count and chronicle an area’s floral and fauna. Volunteers of all ages work alongside biologists to collect plants and insects and live-trap animals, which are identified before being released back into the wild. Collection stations and inventory “leader boards” will be set up inside at the UMore Park Administration Building. Minnesota BioBlitz is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

More info, and to volunteer

Artist’s Talk: Chloe Piene at the MIA

Thursday, May 20, 2010
7 – 8 p.m.
Pillsbury Auditorium

Chloe Piene was born in 1972 and spent her early years in New York. She received a degree in art history at Columbia University and studied fine art at Goldsmiths College in London. Her drawings, sculptures, and video installations have shown nationally and internationally, including at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Her work is included in public and private collections throughout the world. She lives and works in New York City, and has been working on etchings and lithographs with Highpoint Editions in Minneapolis.

$5, free to museum members

MIA schedule, more info

PZ Myers on Evolution in Edina, May 15th

PZ Myers comes to the Twin Cities!

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Ellison Campaign Startup

Join Keith Ellison for our 2010 campaign kickoff party!

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