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The Picture

Considering the times, you might think these two played cowboys and Indians after school, or war games, or maybe even ranchers and rustlers. Everybody else did, at least if they were boys. But these two developed their own game, an after-the-war game, and not even WWII, recently ended, but the Civil War. They never actually gave it a name. It was just the game they always played with each other.

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Goodbye, Toby

After all, there was the same old perkiness in his step this morning, the same tugging-on-the-leash excitement he always had at going on a road trip, the same unquestioning loyalty and snuggliness, and even though he could no longer get into the car himself like he could just the year before, he gave every appearance of having a great ol’ time. Every bit of him this morning belied what I knew to be true, that the seizures were coming more and more often, that they twisted his little body into impossible contortions that would have done Linda Blair proud, and that each time wrenched a howl from him that broke my heart when I heard it, even jarring me from a sound sleep with only the memory of it in my ears and the dread knowledge of what it had meant.

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Singing Goodbye

But the day I got that radio was the day I heard what became my first favorite song, and the world made sense to me somehow, because I had a red, white and blue radio, and a song coming out of it that echoed an American national identity. My dad gave that to me.

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Why It Truly Is Blood for Oil

If you recall all those burning oil wells after the first Gulf War in Kuwait, you will understand that many of those burning wells were gushing oil and gas. That’s why they continued to burn. This illustrates how many of the wells in that region are under pressure and how petroleum flows to the surface with no need of pumps. Iraqi oil fields are some of the least expensive places on the planet to extract oil.

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Minnesota Strobists Enter Their Second Year

Members have frequently commented on how much they have grown as photographers since joining the group and attending events. Over the last year, I’ve organized and attended all but one of the events, and I’ve found that I learn something new at each one. This is partly from other photographers pointing out something I’ve never thought of before, but mostly from answering questions that I haven’t had to think about myself.

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Celebrate Darwin and Evolution

One look at the November 20th, 2008 cover of “Nature” will remind you that 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. To celebrate, The Bell Museum of Natural History has planned a big, fun, evolutionary birthday party with cake, drinks and presentations by University of Minnesota faculty.

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