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Being a Voyeur of Religion, Politely

A comparison of visits to two religious material entities: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jeffers Native American Petroglyph Site.

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We Can Haz Microbrewery?

Why are there no stand-alone microbreweries in Minneapolis? Because local laws make it impractical.

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I Will Be at the Con

In a few days, the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention hits the Twin Cities. See you there.

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Anti-Democratic Blog Messes Up

Luke Hellier of the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) has made an egregious, possibly dishonest “error” in a recent accusation regarding Congressional CandidateJim Meffert.

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Michele Bachmann One-Eighties on Major Policies

Michele Bachmann, formerly known as a strong proponent of a hands-off government with minimal regulations, has called for an increase of government expenditures and regulatory involvement in … shockingly … environmental matters. Bachmann has even endorsed the confiscation by government agents of private property when needed to save the environment.

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Minnesota Leads in Modernizing Bar Rules

One step forward for gentile civilization, one step sideways for rational thinking.

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“Pentecostal Joel Demos Takes on Muslim Ellison”

That’s the title of a recent article in the Apostolic News (link) written by the parents of Minnesota Fifth District’s Joel Demos, introducing their son to the apostolic community.

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Erik Paulsen and Michele Bachmann Compared

Paulsen is maintaining his distance from Bachmann, as a continuation of the “I’m not too right wing for Plymouth (one of our centrist suburbs)” persona. But is it true? Is Paulsen different from Bachmann?

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Jim Meffert’s Campaign Has Hired a Manager

And it’s Alex Falconer, former R.T. Rybak field director.

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How Inventions Happen

Go for it, Bill! We love your Socratic Method!

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