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How to Be a Cute Chick and Make People Do What You Want Them to Do With Your Sex Appeal

I’m certainly glad the TV taught me how to be cute and get whatever I want just by using a big bright smile and a cute little dog! Or perhaps the right pair of shoes…

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What Is a Hippie?

“OMG, did people really…look like that? …think other people looked like that? …put that sort of thing on TV? …watch that sort of thing on TV?”

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I Carry a Badge, or What’s It Like to Be a Cop?

The social transaction here is a major theme of both Dragnet and Adam-12, and one that would later be developed in new directions by TV shows like COPS.

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Mexicans Are Cute and Funny

Viva la popular culture!

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Relationships, and the Proper Management of Intoxicated Women

The police officers are pleased and amused by the situation, which gives the young viewers an indication of what it looks like when all’s well that ends well.

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The Cold War

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and other TV shows like it helped young Americans learn what and who to be be afraid of, and most importantly, what our enemies looked like.

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How We Got This Way

Ways to socialize, ways to love, ways to hate, ways to be afraid come in part “naturally” and in part from specific role models, and in part from popular culture. And that popular culture includes these old TV shows.

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Is Keith Ellison the Antichrist?

I suppose it is quite reasonable that the man chosen by the Republicans to run against Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison is a firm believer that we are presently in the End Times and that the Antichrist is almost here.

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The Bridge

What was that sound? A hand-cranked railroad cart that needed oiling? An old firetruck with a broken siren? A group of boy scouts with a dying hippopotamus?

No, no, not a hippopotamus. Too artifactual sounding. Too human-made sounding. More like the siren, like an old fashioned air raid siren. And as I listened, not only did it get louder, but I had the distinct impression that it was getting closer.

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A Day in the Life of an Urban Archaeologist

…one more day of sewage after 300 years of wanton effluence by the good people of Waterford, New York would make very little difference…

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