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Buses vs. Bikes, Downtown vs. the Neighborhood, in Minneapolis

I hope we can see an Eat Street shuttle some time in the near future.

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Are You Having Writer’s Block? Try Homeopathy.

… if you are having trouble coming up with something to write, just read this post. I’m sure it will cause inspiration.

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Our Conversations Are Like a Cold Fruit Salad on a Dusty, Hot, Summer Day

All utterances are questionable. All communications are subject to measurement against a standard that one can easily justify even though one has merely pulled it out of one orifice or another. There is a place where this kind of communication is favored, revered, honed and practiced, and imposed by force of will and repetition on those who do not come to the table armed with snark and oppositional in affect.

That place is known…as the blogosphere.

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Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Your Precious Bodily Fluids?

For many topics of interest to the average person, there seem to be two utterly different and diametrically opposed worlds of information. These worlds are so different that one might be called “Normal World” and the other might be called “Bizarro World.” It is possible, in fact likely, that each of these worlds works the way it does in large part because the other world exists. Not just good and evil, right and wrong, obverse and reverse, but in true yin and yang fashion, one world is shaped by the shape of the other, and this can be said of both.

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“I’m Mad as Hell!” or “Why Civilization Is on the Verge of Collapse”

Heathrow is the world’s largest and busiest airport, second only to Schiphol in Amsterdam and JFK in New York. All three are eclipsed, of course, by O’Hare in Chicago and Minneapolis/Saint Paul airport in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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What If Chicken Little Is Right?

Here in Minnesota, we don’t get much snow. Minnesotans THINK they get lots of snow, because Minnesota is thought of as a wintry state. But the snowfall here is moderate, not great, in a typical year. If Minnesota were snowy, and Minnesotans could handle that, it would be hard to explain the 400 or so accidents that happen on the Twin Cities highways every time it snows.

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Burning Down the AGW Denialist Billboards

I don’t expect these dyed-in-the-wool cranks to change their minds, but it is appropriate that those of us who do have bits and pieces of the internet in our charge keep the dialog honest and progressive. The denialists are putting up offensive, inaccurate, one-liner billboards. We are burning the billboards down with science. It is worthwhile work, important work, and it can even be fun on occasion.

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Back When I Was a Kid, We Had Real Winters!

March is the snowiest month. We get lots of snow in December. Sometimes it is too cold to snow. When I was a kid (whenever that was) there were more snow storms, the total snow cover was much, much deeper, and when it snowed…it snowed, by golly!

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Ed Does Bachmann

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Ed of The Ed Show broadcast from the Twin Cities and focused on our own Michele Bachmann.

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The Truth About Jason Page, Filmmaker

I’d like you to know that almost exactly fifty percent of what is stated in the essay is accurate. The other fifty percent is not. There really were several police cars, lights flashing, driving across the median of Highway 100 at the Excelsior Ave exit, causing all the cars on the on-ramp to pull over (even though the cops were not driving down the on-ramp; they were going cross-country). However, it is NOT true that I drove my Humvee past all the cars that had pulled over. I’m not saying whether there were donuts involved in this police action or not.

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