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Being a Voyeur of Religion, Politely

A comparison of visits to two religious material entities: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jeffers Native American Petroglyph Site.

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Hallock Is Where I Am From, Not Where I Am

The kids and I each wrote him a note yesterday, a goodbye and thank you note for being such a good man and a great teacher, for being supportive of me and loving towards the grandchildren. It was our way of telling him while we still had the chance that he has been very important to us. We wanted to say it now rather than regret when he dies that we had not done so.

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The Day the Right Wing Lost Its Last Shred of Moral Standing

OK, have you stopped laughing? Have you stopped screaming? Have you cleared the tears from your eyes? Yes, it is true. This video scared the authorities into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out dozens of blatantly unconstitutional acts and hundreds of inappropriate activities. Thousands of law enforcement officials were involved. A pogrom was carried out. The Mayor of Saint Paul and the Chief of Police saw this video, shat in their pants, and the smell is still ripe.

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You Are Now Free to Move About the Car

Barry and I found a car that was not being guarded and the door was open, so we climbed aboard. We walked through four cars, including a Pullman sleeping car. We had never seen a sleeping car except for in the movies, so this was kind of fun. We made our way to the car where the family had set a “home” for the trip. We picked out our seats, grinning that we had beat the system and were in our seats before everyone else. Then we waited. We waited a bit more. We wondered why it was taking so long for everyone else.

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What’s in a Place Name?

You all know that Minnesotans talk funny. Of course, everybody talks funny from some other perspective, and Minnesotans are no funnier than, say, Texans or New Yorkers. But what most people don’t realize is that the funniest thing about Minnesotans is how they pronounce place names.

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Mother Nature on the Nature Trail

In addition to the friends I already knew, I met some new people. I can’t give their real names, and you will soon find out why. One of them was “Tim,” and the other was “Mark.” Mark and I became friends just sitting next to each other in poli sci class on the first day. Mark introduced me to Tim.

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A Simple Assignment

This was a simple assignment. I worked for an independent auto damage appraisal company, writing estimates for auto repair. My boss’s guidelines were clear. If the floodwaters had reached the bottom of the seat, the car would be declared a total loss. I didn’t need to continue to write the estimate up until the damage reached 70% of the value of the car. I would only need to note the level of water damage.

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Sheriff Charley Brown: Chapter 1

“Let me put my cards on the table.” The marshal picked up his badge, returning it to an inside vest pocket. Then he fished in an outside pocket to produce a curved stem pipe and tobacco pouch. Taking his time, he casually filled the pipe, tamping down the tobacco with his index finger. Before striking a match he raised his eyes to Charley. “I’m looking for a Texan. He’s been involved in several bank holdups, and lastly, he was one of the gang involved in the train robbery at Mesquite, Texas.”

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Assessing the Odds

A while ago, I looked at the renewed proposals to expand gambling in Minnesota and concluded that it didn’t make sense, in a time of declines in the national gaming industry, to spend money on new gambling infrastructure in the hopes that it would start generating revenue soon enough to be of help. At the time, I noted that state lottery revenue was up in a bare majority of states, but numbers for Minnesota weren’t available. They are now.

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Hjemkomst Means Homecoming

Did Bob recognize this yearning? Did he believe that building a Viking ship would inspire people to learn about their own history through the hazards experienced by the Scandinavians who landed in North America long before Columbus had his circumnavigation interrupted by Hispaniola? I don’t know, because I never had the chance to meet Bob Asp. I did, however, see the Hjemkomst while it was being built.

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