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Ed Does Bachmann

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Ed of The Ed Show broadcast from the Twin Cities and focused on our own Michele Bachmann.

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Caucusing in the DFL Is a Good Thing

This is your time to start focusing your activity and shaping the party that you belong to. Enter resolutions, discuss them, vote on them, volunteer. Get excited about getting active. Meet people who share at least some of your goals. Be cynical but friendly.

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Standing Up for the Right to Sit Down

I knew that I had done the wrong thing for our convention when the organizers of the 2008 National Democratic Nominating Convention made a huge deal of opening with a “faith ceremony.” When the secularists protested, when the atheists protested, when the agnostics protested, when the secular Christians, Jews and Muslims protested, they were told that they could just avoid that part of the ceremony. They were dismissed, and told they weren’t important enough to be part of the whole thing.

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Minnesota Can Lead the Way

I always hate one thing at political rallies. Some candidate will stand up and say “This is the most important election of our lives!” Every year. Is the 2010 election as important as all the rest? I’ll let our readers decide, and then pass this around to everyone you know who wants workable single-payer health insurance.

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Democrats Sweep Tuesday Election

The press, not satisfied with a story going the same way for more than a few months, is touting the New Jersey and Virgina Republican gains as a “backlash” or a shift in momentum in the direction of the Republicans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Which, unfortunately, does not stop it from being a story.

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Seventy-Three Percent of Americans Say “YES” to Public Option

Seventy-three percent of those just polled by NBC/WSJ answer in agreement with this statement:

“Is it important to give people a choice of a public option.”

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Trumpet-Playing Legislators

In 2004 I got the chance to sit down and talk to some of the people who make the decisions on the way that our government is run. I found out that for the most part they actually have lives outside of politics, and of all the astonishing revelations that I have found the one that got to me the most was that they had lives before they started running for office.

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The Time for You to Act on Health Care Insurance Reform Is Now

In observing the vitriolic, over-the-top fight to NOT have heath care insurance reform, organized by the status quo but carried out by the working class slobs who have been enamored with the Republican Party since Rush Limbaugh became its titular head a couple of decades back, you are observing the single most powerful act of spite ever carried out by any group of humans.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in Anoka County

Just this last Saturday I went to the Teamsters Hall in Blaine so that six DFL gubernatorial candidates could make their pitch for delegates before the big push comes in February. The press weren’t invited (although they would not have been excluded had they come), because this was more of an “inside” meeting. I was, in this case, an insider.

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“Gentlemen Shall Lean to the Left”

For the last several years, the conservative religious right wing has been effective in winning over the hearts and “minds” of a large percentage of the American people. They’ve even managed this in areas that make no sense. Tort reform. Health care reform. Unions. Across the United States, working class people are embracing policies in these areas that will ultimately, over the medium and long term, do them great harm.

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