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What Is an Ally?

We in the blogosphere very rarely seem to understand what an ally is. I’m not really sure how it happened. Allies in the culture wars aren’t appreciably different than military or political allies, but somehow, the meaning of the word has changed online. We’ve gone from “In everyday English usage, allies are people, groups, or nations that have joined together in an association for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose, whether or not explicit agreement has been worked out between them” to the assumption that the act of alliance comes with specific obligations and that people are “bad allies” or not allies at all if particular things are done or left undone.

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Darwin Day, Here and Away

Quiche Moraine is all in for celebrating Darwin Day. Stephanie is pontificating on heroes and science, Greg is sharing a few of his favorite excerpts from Darwin’s autobiography, and Mike is digging into abiogenesis and early life.

St. Paul Proclamation
St. Paul Proclamation

Quiche Moraine will also be out in force for the local Darwin Day party at the Bell Museum:

Darwin Day Party
Thursday, February 12, 2009, 7 to 9 p.m.
Bell Museum Auditorium
$10/free to museum members and University students

The speakers will present in the auditorium from 7 to 8 p.m. Birthday cake and refreshments are served after the presentations.

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday! Part of a world wide celebration, the Twin Cities’ version is at The Bell Museum of Natural History this Thursday night. Join in the fun with cake, drinks and presentations by U of M scientists and educators. They will present funny, outrageous and controversial rapid-fire, media-rich presentations about Darwin and evolution. From the big bang to the human genome, hear the newest research and controversy on evolution and Darwin.

Minneapolis Proclamation

See additional details and more about the genesis of the event here.

We’re also very happy to say that we all live in a metro area that recognizes the importance of Darwin’s ideas. A big thanks to Minnesota Atheists for arranging the proclamations from both of the Twin Cities.

And finally, if all the local Darwin doesn’t satisfy your Darwin Day cravings, you can find much more at the Blog for Darwin blog swarm event.

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