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Carnival of the Liberals, Number 90

Welcome to the 90th edition, continuing the tradition bequeathed to Quiche Moraine by the intrepid Johnny Pez. For those new to Quiche Moraine, this is a collaboration of blogging excellence conceived and maintained in the hopes of inspiring liberals to write about food and stuff. An example of “stuff” intended for publication is the blog carnival. Hmm. Blog carnival. Liberal. What could be a better fit for Quiche Moraine than the Carnival of the Liberals? It’s a go!

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She Sings the Carnival Blue

Miriam does a carnival in verse for the Carnival of the Blue #21:

O muse! Tell me of the many wonders
Cradled in this sea-tossed carnival.
Of sharks and squirts and of the cuttlefish
Impaled upon the dolphin’s beak.
And death spreading ever outward
From too much carbon in the sky.

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