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e + God Equals m Times c Squared

For me, the value of inserting religion into science is that we can see we are inserting an extraneous variable into our statistics and our mathematical equations. The formula most beloved by people who are interested in science is the famous “e = mc².” It is useful in understanding the relationship between energy, mass and the conversion thereof. It has been tested and verified through the observation of matter and light in the labs and in astronomy’s galactic lenses.

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Sometime Shortly After Abiogenesis

Cells also contain mitochondria, and this is one of the puzzles of early evolution. Mitochondria are symbiotic, originally a form of self-sufficient bacteria which when integrated with eukarytic cells gain and provide benefit to the host cell. Mitochondria have their own set of DNA, and this DNA provides the basis for all of its key structures which produce not only their structure, but the unique tools that the mitochondria use to convert sugar into the energy it shares with its host.

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