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A “Fine-Tuned” Universe as Proof of a God?

There are many scientists who believe that, if one or more physics constants of the universe had varied only slightly, they would have produced a universe incapable of supporting life. For example, if one constant had been slightly different, the universe would have collapsed back in upon itself before life had a chance to form.

Some religious people look at this supposedly “fine-tuned” universe and claim it is proof that a god exists who did the fine-tuning. Let us examine this claim.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/26

God and guns edition: Sex, Jerry Falwell style; protesting a dead, possibly gay poet; mocking the storm; Taliban blocks vaccines; Texas blocks science education;is there a fruit-bat sect that isn’t for Sarah Palin; guns in recent multiple-death shootings legal and likely to stay that way; Tea Party threats via Twitter; Texas takes new tack on secession, then asks for federal aid; and Clinton reminds everyone who won the election.

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e + God Equals m Times c Squared

For me, the value of inserting religion into science is that we can see we are inserting an extraneous variable into our statistics and our mathematical equations. The formula most beloved by people who are interested in science is the famous “e = mc².” It is useful in understanding the relationship between energy, mass and the conversion thereof. It has been tested and verified through the observation of matter and light in the labs and in astronomy’s galactic lenses.

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