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Discordant Democrats vs. Republican Dittoheads

The Republican philosophy is actually quite simple: “We have to be in charge, and if we are not, we’ll act like bullies until we are.” Well, there is a way to deal with bullies.

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This is actually a tougher fight than the election was. Corporations far and away recognized that four more years of rule by the monster that the Republican Party had become would be as disastrous for them as it would be for all of us. They were pragmatic in their understand that business cannot flourish anywhere the government doesn’t meet at least its minimal obligations in law and the maintenance of infrastructure, so they supported Obama.

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Iran Is Not So Distant

I have never traveled to Iran. Iran has come to me in the form of people I have known over the years. When I see the violence committed by the current government against people who are trying to gain at least some semblance of their right to influence their government, I am affected more than I am when it happens in other countries. I can’t be dispassionate about it.

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