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Analiese’s Reading 4/30

Wall Street greed, corruption and pay to play politics. Tension over pensions. Geithner presses for electronic money trading network. Cost/benefit of living dips into red for record number of Americans. More tax money than you can imagine lost to off-shore havens. Banks charging more for services while policy-makers favor Wall Street over home owners. Pelosi moves to create Wall Street oversight commission. Union activities spotted at Wal-Mart. Banks acting badly. Women disadvantaged by immigration policy. Bear Stearns deal not looking good.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/21

Obama’s middle way: wiretaps and state secrets, torture, economic rescue plans, Cuba and South and Central American policy, Obama’s faith-based council, and the anti-Obama reaction from the right.

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Analiese’s Reading 4/9

National politics edition: U.S. economy looks more like an emerging market than an established one after undue political influence from finance, Obama administration is attempting an end run around Congress on bailout rules and reporting, documenting the administration’s ties to finance,Nassim Taleb predicted the collapse and explains what needs to happen next, the possible return of Eliot Spitzer, Spector no longer supports a vote on EFCA, war demands sacrifices from dogs too, state legislatures focusing on voter “fraud” instead of real issues, Congress may fillibuster Justice nominee to protect Bush administration, and being denied health insurance for needing it.

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Assessing the Odds

A while ago, I looked at the renewed proposals to expand gambling in Minnesota and concluded that it didn’t make sense, in a time of declines in the national gaming industry, to spend money on new gambling infrastructure in the hopes that it would start generating revenue soon enough to be of help. At the time, I noted that state lottery revenue was up in a bare majority of states, but numbers for Minnesota weren’t available. They are now.

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