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Seventy-Three Percent of Americans Say “YES” to Public Option

Seventy-three percent of those just polled by NBC/WSJ answer in agreement with this statement:

“Is it important to give people a choice of a public option.”

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The Time for You to Act on Health Care Insurance Reform Is Now

In observing the vitriolic, over-the-top fight to NOT have heath care insurance reform, organized by the status quo but carried out by the working class slobs who have been enamored with the Republican Party since Rush Limbaugh became its titular head a couple of decades back, you are observing the single most powerful act of spite ever carried out by any group of humans.

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A Progressive Frustrated With Democrats

The current bill is loaded in favor of those who are footing the bill to fight it, and whether that is to make them look good by “giving in” to something they want when this is all over and done, I can’t say. I think it is something is guaranteed to fail in solving the coverage crisis. It’s time to start from scratch and make it simple.

This is what I wanted to tell Betty McCollum. I hoped that my number would be drawn, but considering the turnout and my own history with winning any sort of drawings, expected that reality would prevent me from having my say to the whole group.

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This isn’t what I voted for. I did not vote for a man who allows his administration to solicit opportunities to water down the initiatives he promised. I did not vote for a man who reaches across the aisle to find a place to sit. I did not vote for a few more years. I did not vote for “Well, we could.”

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If You Get Sick, It’s Your Own Fault

I’m tired of having to shoot people I’m trying to help.

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My Life as a Thief

We’re trying to tell them they are placing false trust in large corporations whose purpose is more to make money than cover their customers’ needs. But they like their American Way. Anyone who seeks to change that with a public option, or the now “off the table” single payer plan is a thief trying to steal their money. My life as a thief consists of asking them why they are so willing to entrust their health and financial future with companies that are charging full price for premiums, but providing discount service in exchange.

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Town Hall Meetings and The Eddie Haskell Factor

The events are now being populated by people who have bought into the distorted analyses of HR 32oo, and are genuinely confused at to what the bill includes and what it doesn’t include. They are now being populated by people genuinely concerned about the deficit (but one wonders where they were when George Bush was out there cutting taxes for the wealthy and raising spending to create the mess we are in). They are people who are now against a bill that would, in fact, help them, because they have heard the noise and the noise frightens them.

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This is actually a tougher fight than the election was. Corporations far and away recognized that four more years of rule by the monster that the Republican Party had become would be as disastrous for them as it would be for all of us. They were pragmatic in their understand that business cannot flourish anywhere the government doesn’t meet at least its minimal obligations in law and the maintenance of infrastructure, so they supported Obama.

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On Generic Drugs and Health Care Savings

For three months in 2007, I had to use my credit card in order to pay for Ella’s prescriptions. I am still paying down that balance as well as I can. The insurance company kept on telling me that generic Lamotrigine is an approved substitute for Lamictal, but the doctors continued to say, “No, it must be Lamictal.”

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A Child’s Choice?

We don’t let thirteen-year-olds drink, vote or drive. We don’t even let them set their own bedtime on school nights. Why is anyone asking this child his opinion of decisions that will affect his health, much less his life expectancy?

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